the only exception

my first movella dont hate


8. Harry's mistake

Alli's POV I wake up and Niall's not there again. So I get up and get the stuff out of my bag to get a shower and go into the bathroom. About half way through my shower, I slip. It makes a loud BANG. About two minutes later, there's knock at the bathroom door. It's Harry, "are you ok?" He walks in, "SORRY!" He wasn't thinking. "Should I go get Niall?" Harry asks. "Yes please." I say scarcely. Niall comes upstairs and knocks on the door. I try to get up but my ankle hurts too much. "Can I come in or get help?" Niall asks. "Can you come in and hand me my robe? But dont look I'm already embarrassed." I ask. "OK." And with that he came in, handed me my robe and turned around. He could see that I had hurt my ankle so he picked me up and carries me to our room. As he is setting me on our bed he asks, "what happened with Harry before I came up?" "He only walked in on me accidentally." I reply quietly. "WHAT!!!???" I can see that Niall is growing angry. So I add, "he wasn't thinking, it's ok." In Harry's defense. Niall went down stairs and eventually I heard yelling from what heard like Harry and Niall and Liam trying to break them up. I hadn't seen this side from Niall before and I didn't like it, I'm scared what he'll do but I guess im just paranoid.

Niall's POV

So we called the doctor for Alli. He said that he was positive that she had broken her ankle and that he wanted to come here to look at it and put the cast on. So when the doctor came, I showed him upstairs. When we walk into our room, the doctor walks over to Alli and says, "Hey Alli. Are you feeling okay?" She just looks at him and then looks to me she looks at me like she hates me. What did I do? "Did she hit her head?" The doctor asks as he turns to me. "Why!? Is she ok?!" I ask panicedly. 


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