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14. Harry Loves Who...?

Harry's POV

"Ok, Niall. This is going to sound crazy, because I have Natalie, but I like your girl friend." I say this for the seventh time quietly in the mirror. I can't stop thinking about Alli. Ever since I seen her that morning when she broke her leg. This is terrible, I have a girlfriend, but I love someone else, do I love Alli? Does Alli love me? No. She couldn't. What if Niall found out? What would he do? This is only a small fraction of the questions in my head right now. Natalie walks into the bathroom and stands next to me, she kisses me on the cheek. "Good morning, Handsome." She says cheerfully. Natalie starts the shower water and takes her shirt off. She is beautiful. As she gets ready to get in the shower she asks, what time is it and what time do we have to be at the concert hall?" I look down at my watch, "It's eight thirty now and we have to be at the concert hall for two." I reply. " 'Kay, thanks." She says and closes the shower curtain.

It's one and we are getting ready to leave. It'll take about an hour to get there.

Once we get to the concert hall, we rehearse for a bit. This takes around two hours and it's now four o'clock. The concert starts at five o'clock. Now we go to the dressing rooms to change. Natalie comes in with me when I go to change. I take off my shirt and trousers. Natali just stares at me so I do a sexy little dance. She just laughs, gets up and joins me in danceing. She then stops and dizzily walks over to the clothing rack and picks out a skinny-fit denim pair of trousers, and a Jack Willis tee-shirt, and for shoes, she gives me a red pair of Nike high-tops. I get dressed and Natalie goes over and plugs in the hair dryer. I walk over and sit down. Natalie turns the hairdryer on and wets my hair until it looks crappy and straight. Then she takes the hairdryer and comb and parts my hair in the back left corner of my head and fluffs up the sides. Then she totally dries the rest and then dampens the front again then she takes the curling iron and curls the front until it is dry and fluffy. Then I was ready. And just in time too. Alli pops her head in the door, " just checking on everyone and making sure that they're ready." she says and walks in. "Well this one is ready." Natalie says to Alli. "I can check on the rest for you if you want, Alli." Natalie adds. As Natalie closes the door, I get up and walk towards Alli. "Alli, we need to talk." I say intimatly. "About what?" she asks. I get close enough and whisper in her ear, "Me and you." She looks frightened and I reluctantly land a kiss on her. She trys to pull away but I cant control myself, I hold her waist tightly. "What am I doing?!" I think to myself. I continue to kiss her regretfully with her trying to push off of my chest with all of her might but I think that I'm to strong for her. This continues until I hear my dressing room door open, then I release and Alli falls to the floor. I'm suddenly frightened when I find Niall standing in the door way and sooner charging for me. "What do you think you're doing you bastard? You have a girlfriend! Or doesn't she matter?" Niall says furiously. At this point, Niall has me lifted off my feet up against a wall, by my neck basically strangling me. I hang on to Niall's arm for dear life itself, gasping for air, hopeing that he doesn't kill me. I've never seen Niall this angry before. He drops me and I land on my side gasping for air. My vision starts to grow clearer and I see Niall rush over to Alli, she just getsn up and backs away. "don't touch me, Niall!" she yells. The thought now occurs that I'm still gasping for air and my vision is growing between blurry and clear. Natalie rushes over to me and calls for me but I cant respond. Soon enough, some woman has a mask over my face and my vision is growng clearer. The boys and Natalie are crowded around me. But in a gap between Lou and Natalie, I see Niall standing in a corner on the other side of the room disgustedly staring at me. He collapses and starts to cry pittifully "Niall!" Liam yells, "what's wrong?" Liam goes over to talk to Niall and help him up. Suddenly, the lady pulls the mask off of my face and helps me up. I start to walk over to Niall and Natalie stops me, "You really shouldn't go over there yet, Harry. Niall still needs to blow of steam." But I keep walking. Once I get to Niall, I hold my hand out to shake. But he just looks at me and says, "They cancelled the concert, thanks." And he walks away.

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