the only exception

my first movella dont hate


23. Happy Birthday!

Alli's POV

I wake up and see Niall sleeping. He is so cute when he sleeps, with his perfect, soft lips, and messy hair. I cant resist, I lean over and kiss him. He opens his eyes and kisses me back. "What an amazing way to wake up." Niall says, "Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday Alli!" I hadn't even remembered that it was my birthday. How did he even know? "How do you even know that it's my birthday?" I ask. " Asked the doctor when you were in the hospital." He mumbles half-awake. "Oh... Ok? I think" I say kind of questionably. He gets out of bed and  goes over to my closet. He picks out a little black strapless dress with a sequined, black jacket with elbow length sleeves, and a red accent around all the edges, and black-lace stilettos. He lays the outfit that he had picked on the bed and turns the shower water on. I then get up and get dressed. But instead of stilettos, which I hate but Niall insists that I have, I put on my red Converse hi-tops.

When Niall gets out of the shower he rushes to get dressed. And once he is dressed, Niall rushes towards the door. But before leaving, he stops and looks at me. "Dont come until I call for you." Niall says before running out the door. I sit on the bed and wait for about five minutes until I feel my phone buzz. It's a text from Niall that reads: "We're ready for you, come to Liam's room!"

I open the door followed by being scared by a loud, "SURPRISE!!!" from everyone. Niall comes over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you!" I say. Niall walks me over to a table. There are big presents and a big "1D" cake with a "19" on it.

After we have cake, Zayn hands me what must be his gift to me. I open it and it's a varsity jacket, like his, with an "A" on it. Liam got me  an IPhone 5. "Time to replace that piece of shit you call a phone." He laughs. I just sarcastically laugh along.

When we are done with presents, Harry turns the music on and starts danceing hyperly. "I think you've had enough to drink, Hazz!" Emily says, takeing the semi-empty beerbottle out of his hand. "Can I talk to you out on the balcony, Alli?" Niall asks sweetly. "Sure babe." I say and we walk outside. Niall pulls out a tiny box and kneels one one knee. "Alli. We've been through so much together, and we've been together for a while now... Well, I'm ready to take that to the next level. Alli, will you marry me?" He asks.



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