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17. Going to America

Alli's POV

*BEEP...BEEP...BEEP!!!*  "Alli..." Niall says, "time to wake up baby. You can sleep on the plane if you want." I let out a moan and a smirk. I get up and set my clothing out for after my shower. "Should I start your shower water babe?" Niall asks. "Yes please." I say as I take off my shirt. I walk over to Niall and kiss him. "I know that I've said it before, but baby, you're so sexy." Niall mumbles to me as we smile on eachothers' lips.

When we are ready, we grab our bags and go put them in the van. We are ready to go so we pile into the van and we are in the same spots as always. "I can't wait to get to America!" Natalie says. "Hey, I know that it's a thirteen hour flight and it sounds super long, but trust me..." Niall says, "it's not as bad as it sounds."

Once we drive up to the airport, we see hundereds of screaming fans with posters of bright colors saying stuff like, "we'll miss you", ect. We are followed into the airport and the fans still haven't gotten used to Natalie, Emilie, and Me. We get threats from random ones all of the time. But the boys tell us not to let it phase us. But sometimes I can't help but be bothered by it. We get on the plane  and we're in first class. Niall sits next to me and we snuggle. Zayn turns around and takes a picture of us. "That's going on Twitter!" Zayn teases. "Yipee..." I say sarcastically. Niall flips out his phone and gets on Twitter, the picture of us pops up and there are already 75 comments on it. "How do you feel about being famous?" Niall says. I shrug my shoulders and hug him. He kisses me on the lips and Zayn snaps another picture. Not long after, I place my head on Niall's chest and we both drift to sleep together.

"Wake up! Come on guys, we're in America." Louis yells in our faces. He is really close to me so I push him away and get up. By this time, Niall is getting our carry-on and handing me my bag. 

Our first concert is tonight at a place in New York called Madison Square Gardens, I think. 

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