the only exception

my first movella dont hate


4. going home

Emilie's POV
When the others went downstairs for breakfast, Alli and I stayed up stairs so we could talk. "You really have no where to go?" I ask Alli. "Really", Alli replies. "Why?" I ask her. So she explains to me why she couldn't go back to live with her father. But, she couldn't stay on campus with me because she didn't go to school here. So I stop for a moment and think. I'll ask Niall if he could take Alli home with him I knew Niall well enough to know he will say yes. He's awesome. So I ask Alli if she's ok with that, she says yes in a excited tone. So we go downstairs for breakfast and I ask Niall if she can go home with him. " Of course. But why?" He responds. So I take Niall upstairs and explain it to him.
Liam's POV
After breakfast Niall and I were told that we had to go home. Apperently we were taking Alli with us too, because she has no where else to go. But that's ok, I'm sure that Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and I can find a way to get over what happened. So, we got our stuff together and put it in the trunk of the van. And with that, we are off to our home.
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