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my first movella dont hate


16. Getting Ready For America

Alli's POV

Tomorrow. Tomorrow we go to America, I think to myself as I pack my bag. Niall walks up behind me and hugs me. I am still a bit scared of him so I take his arms and remove them from my waist. I walk into the bathroom and turn the shower water on. "Are we going to be this way for the whole tour, Alli?" Niall asks. "I don't know, are you going to KILL Harry the next time he does something? Because you almost did last time." I protest. "Look Alli, we made up, you can ask Harry. And yes, I know I over reacted ALOT but... well I can honestly say that there is no good way to finish that sentence. But the good thing is that Harry is fine and we made up. But baby, now it's time for US to make up." Niall says, I can see that he is close to tears and I can't stay mad at a face like that. Personally I don't know how I stayed mad for that long, but I couldn't keep it up much longer. So, I gave in and gave my boyfriend a big hug to make up for all of the ones we had missed while I was mad. Niall kisses me on the lips and I follow. Our relationship is like a dream, I wish that I could keep this moment exactly for forever. So I finish packing and get undressed for my shower. And just as I'm about about to get in the shower, Niall admires me and says in the sexiest Irish accent ever, "you're so beautiful." So, I do a sexy little dance for more admiration and get in the shower.

When we are dressed and ready, we go downstairs just to find Harry and Natalie haveing a "kissfest" on the couch. "I know I'm probably going to sound like your annoying mother when I say this but..." I say, "does every one have their bags packed for America tomorrow?" I get a choral "YES" from every body annoyingly. 

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