the only exception

my first movella dont hate


13. Getting Back


Alli's POV

I wake up to Niall paceing back and forth, talking to some one on the phone. "Okay, so what time do we have to be there?" Niall asks the person on the other line, "Okay we'll see you there, around noon," he finishes. Niall Hangs up the phone, "G'morning, Beautiful." Niall says as he leans in to kiss me, "we have a meeting at noon with Paul, our manager, about our upcoming tour. Oh! That reminds me, would you like to go with us to America on our tour?" Niall asks me. "YES!!! that would be amazing!" I say excitedly.

Niall's POV

So I went to wake up the boys to find them already awake. "Wow! You're already awake! I just got the wake up call." I say. "Well you didn't think that you were the only one that got wake up calls did you?" asks Liam. "Well it would make sense, I am the only responsible one here." I say. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Alli standing in the doorway silently cracking up. I walk over and hug her tight, "What are you laughing about?" I ask Alli. "Well it's kinda true, that you're the only responsible one." says Alli. Suddenly the doorbell rings, "That's probably Emily," says Liam, "I texted her and asked her if she wanted to come to America on tour with us." But Alli didn't care what Liam was saying, she had already rushed downstairs and gotten the door. Liam had Alli excited when he said that Emily was comeing too. "So this is Zayn, Louis, you can call him Lou, Harry, and Harry's girlfriend, Natalie." Liam says to Emily. She hadn't met them yet. It's 11:30 now and we are getting ready to leave because it takes about a half hour to get to where the meeting is. We practically have to squish into the van because there are eight of us and eight seats. The girls sit in the back, Alli's in the middle, she's the smallest. Harry, Lou, and Liam are in the middle row, Lou got stuck in the middle because he is the smallest of the guys. I'm up front with Zayn, Zayn is driving because this is his car, I'm in the passenger's seat on the left.

Alli's POV

We got out of the van to a big burly man with black-grey hair and a beard. "Who is THIS, boys?" The big man asks the boys. "Ummm... look, Paul, I know what you're thinking. And I know you've said that girlfriends will ruin our reputation, but you can't control us. Okay?" Niall sounded scared, and this "Paul's" face was growing angry. He looked at Natalie, Emily, and I with hatred. "Hi Paul..." I say, "My name is Alli, and this is Natalie and Emily." We heald out our hands to shake, but Paul akwardly rejected us with a small, "No thanks." Did Paul hate us already? Why, what did we do? We walk into the building, which is surrounded by girls. Natalie is right, being surrounded by other girls that are screaming YOUR boyfriend's name is very weird. Those chicks are SCREWED UP we got death threats from a group for dating "their men". When we get into the office part of the building, we are told to sit and wait while the boys are in their meeting. And I don't see how its a meeting because none of them can take anything seriously except for Niall and Liam. When the meeting was done, the boys came out, Paul still had that look of hatred on his face when he called "the three girls" into his office. When we are in Paul's office, we are made to sign a contract basically saying that we wont do anything to hurt One Direction's reputation, which we all agree to because we would never even think of hurting our boyfriends' reputations.

We got to the concert hall for sound check of their first date in the UK. We sit up in the back of the stadium. It really is crazy what they do on stage.

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