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20. First Date

Marissa's POV

Last night. Last night, THE Zayn Malik called me and asked me out on a date. I couldn't beleive it.

I got up and seen all of my friends spread out on the floor. I was surprised that we got ANY sleep last night considering the concert, signing, and then the phone call from Zayn. We must have been exhausted. Two of my friends were curled up on my giant bean-bag chair with a blanket. Another had her head under my bead with her feet sticking out the side. I wake them up and tell them that they should help me get ready. So I leave them in my bedroom to pick out an oufit, so I can go and get my shower.

I come out and they have a Converse tee-shirt, my favorite grey varsity jacket with an "M" on it, skinny levi jeans, and pink converses. They always knew my style.

Zain's POV

I stand in my closet and try to decide what to wear when Louis lets himself in without knocking. "Hey mate, why are you up before ten?" He says sarcastically. "I'll have you know that I have a date with a very pretty girl today at two-thirty." I reply in the same tone. "OOOOooo!" Louis whines and runs out of the room. I figure he will be back with the others so I sit down and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes everyone bursts into my hotel room and starts asking me questions like who is she, where are you going, ect. "Shut up!" I yell to do so. Everyone gets quiet and looks at me. "Look. We met last night at the signing and she gave me her number. She looked around eight-teen and seemed nice. So when we got back to the hotel, I pulled out her number and called her. I don't even know anything except her name and that she 'LOVES' me. So stop with the questions until I atleast meet her for real. OKAY?!" I can feel my anger boiling, so I stop before I have an outburst. When they all  finnaly leave, I decide on an outfit. A white tee-shrt, my grey varsity jacket with a "Z" on it, beige trousers, and red Nike high-tops.

When I am finnaly ready, I have just enough time to be at the ice cream shoppe on time. 

 So when I get there, I see that she isn't there yet. 'thank god I'm not late,' I think to myself. I wait for a few minutes and Marissa walks in. Damn, she's beautiful. I get up and walk over to her. I'm surprised, Marissa and I have almost the same way of dressing. I chuckle to myself because we are both wearing varsity jackets with our initials on them.

Marissa's POV

OMG! We have the same style. COOL! We walk up to the ice cream counter and the girl standing there starts fangirling. Her  oversized nametag read 'KRISTEN' so every one could read. "Kristen, calm down..." Zayn comforts. "Wait how do you know--- OH right." She looked at someone who appears to be her boss and emeadeatly calms down even though, you can see she is ready to burst inside.  "Can I have a two-scoop cookie dough cone please?" Zayn says. Wow we must have ALOT in common, it's like he just ordered for me. I always get exactly that. The girl looks at me and I say, "Make it two!"

We sit down and enjoy our ice cream. When we are done Zayn asks me what I would like to do next. I think about it and say, "What about we go back to my place?" He thinks about it and says, "What about my place?" "Okay." I say.


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