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25. Excited

Alli's POV

I wake up to Niall laying next to me still sleeping. I lean over and kiss him on the lips. He wakes up and kisses me back. "What an extraordanarily amazing way to wake up." He mumbles. 

When we are dressed and awake, I invite Emily, Marissa, and Natalie to our room while Niall goes to Liam's room to hang out with Liam, Harry, and Zayn.

"Sooooo..." Emily says suspiciously, "What did you want to tell us right away?"

I hold my hand up to flash my ring to them. They run over to me and admire. "OMG it's beautiful Alli." says Marissa. "I know." I say excitedly. "Sooooo..." Natalie says, "How'd he ask you?" "well..." I say, "Last night on the balcony, towards the end of the party. At first I didn't know what to do, and I walked away. A few hours later, he came to our hotel room and found me doing something I'll regret forever, then, thats when I gave him the answer of yes. Then, well, I think you know what happened afterwards." We all chuckle. "Okay," I say slowly, "Ummm... Well I've only been thinking about this since last night, but will you guys be my bridesmaids?" I could see all three of them light up imidiatly.

"YES!!!" They all somehow shout in sinc. Wow. They really are kind of creepy, the way they all know eachother so well.

Niall's POV

It's now about seven oclock, and somehow the five of us are pretty tired already. The girls have been together since this morning, and I think it's time for me to break their little "party" up. I get up and as I'm ready to leave Liam says, "hey, where are you going?" "I'm going to break up the girls and send them back to you guys. I need to spend some alone time with Alli. And, I know that I sound pathetic saying this, but I kinda miss MY girlfriend." I say before walking ou the door.

I walk into my and Allis' room to find the four girls sitting on our bed, on Alli's laptop."Okay, time to go home children. Your boyfriends are looking for you that way." I interupt while pointing out the door. "Awwwwwhhhh... Do we have to go?" Emily whines. "Yes my children, go!" I say before Natalie, Marissa, and Emily jump off the bed and scurry out of our room sarcastically. When they're all gone, I walk over to Alli and sit next to her to see what she's doing. She is looking at dresses, ALREADY! I point to one, "ooooh, thats pretty." I say. She looks at me and kisses me quickly before going back to her laptop. She closes her laptop and puts it on the desk in our room.

She changes into an oversized t-shirt, that she got at our first concert in America to be funny, and walks over to me. she pushes me down on the bed and I willingly let her, and she starts kissing me. She then slips my shirt and jeans off and starts danceing her fingers along my abs, I love the way her fingers feel against my skin. I wish we could keep this moment for eternity. I then put my arms around her waist and pull her down, closer to me. She moves off of me and lays beside me, and starts playing with my hair while gazing into my eyes. She's acting crazy. Maybe she's drunk... maybe. I keep my arms on her waist and pull her even closer. "I love you Nialler." She says. "Nialler?" I ask. "Yeah," she half whispers, "Is that okay?" "Ummmm..." I answer, "I guess. Why not?" She has to be drunk, because she pulls me in for a kiss and doesnt let go until I decide to pull away. Alli's crazy. "Can we talk,... about, the w-wedding?" I ask, not knowing how she would respond. "Sure!" She giggles. "Okay, ummm... Well Im assuming that you've asked the girls to be bridesmaids," I say, before she nods. "Well I'v asked Liam to be my best man." I add before she cuts me off with a whine. "Do we have to talk about this now?" She pulls me in for another kiss. When I once again have to pull away, she buries her face in my chest and I cover us with a sheet. We then eventually fall asleep in eachothers' arms.

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