the only exception

my first movella dont hate


1. dieing with loss

Alli's POV

When I was six years old my mom died. That was two years after they got divorced. Ever since my mother passed, Steve, my father has been beating me. He hits me and sometimes he burns me. I've been self harming ever since too. Steve pulled me out of school when my mother died. He doesn't have to worry about being caught in child abuse. He's been homeschooling me for twelve years now. I am eight-teen now and can't wait for college next year. I have money saved up. Steve says I wont make it, but he's just trying to put me down. I think he wants someone to take his anger out on. Maybe beating me helps him live on. I feel for him though, I mean we are barley struggling since my moms death. Steve yells for me," Alli!... Alli!..." I grab my phone and dial 911, before I get the chance to hit the call button Steve yells for me again. I hit cancel and stuff the phone in my pocket. I've had a bag packed for a while just enough to live until I find a home. So, I grab my bag and tiptoe down stairs.  

Steves POV

I hold the gun in my hand " Alli! Get your butt down here NOW!!!!" I yell. This is the fourth time I've called her and I'm getting impatient. I start up the stairs and by the time that I get to her room, I realize that she isn't here. I'm looking any where and every where. SHE CAN'T BE IN THIS HOUSE!!!!! NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!!


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