Their Lucky Charms

Haley and Madelyn are two 18 year old girls who just finished high school and are working in a new coffee shop in California. One day, one little thing they find on the concrete, changes their lives for good.....


1. Something On The Concrete

1.) Something On The Concrete
Madelyn POV


I woke up to One Direction singing the Wake Up song. I turned off my alarm and got out of bed. I stopped at my mirror and looked at myself.


"Another day, another nickel." I sighed. I went down the steps of the two story townhouse Haley and I shared.


I went into the kitchen and fired up the stove. I heard footsteps upstairs and a minute later, the shower was running.


I started making some eggs and I put some biscuits in the oven.


While the biscuits were cooking, I turned on my iPod and got the table set.


When I was just about finished with breakfast, Haley came downstairs, already in her work uniform.


She and I both work at Cream & Coffee, a new popular coffee shop here in California. It's not unusual for celebrities to come by. We met Carly Rae Jepsen a few weeks ago.


"Mornin' Haley." I said in my cheerful Irish-American voice.


"Morning." she answered in an equally cheerful British-American voice.


I quickly ate, then took my turn in the shower. When I got out, I went to my room and put on my kaki short-shorts, hot pink tank top, white apron with the words 'Cream & Coffee' written in hot pink on it, my new sandals, two sets of earrings, and I pulled my hair into a side ponytail.


I did my makeup and went into the loft. There, laying on the carpeted floor, was my black lab, Beau. I bent down and stroked his ears.


Two years ago, when I was 16, my parents died from a car accident. I refused to talk and I refused to stay with any other family member. Haley had moved a block away from her parents the same year and let me stay with her. She even agreed to let me keep Beau.


She and I became best friends in our Freshman year of high school. We were in the same French 3 class and became friends instantly.


"Lyn! You ready?" Haley called from downstairs.


"Yeah! Be right there!" I called back. I grabbed my white sunglasses and my iPhone (with a One Direction British/Irish flag case on it;)) and ran downstairs.


~At Work~


"Madelyn! We need a Brewed Coffee on the double!"


"Coming up!" I shouted at Haley, starting to get the order ready. It was done in an instant. I walked up to the counter.


"Brewed Coffee?" I asked the woman standing there


"Yes, thank you." she answered, taking a sip.


"My pleasure." I smiled and went to help the next customer. Haley was just finishing getting a boy's order.


She smiled and turned to me to give me the slip with his order.


I smirked. "Does Haley have a new boooouyyyfriiiiieeeend?" I said, messing around.


"Shut up! You know I'm engaged to Harry Styles and we have a daughter." she answered.


"Oh, right I forgot." I answered, winking.


She stuck her tongue out at me. "Don't be a doodie."


"Shut up! I can be whatever I want to be wether it's a pretty princess or a doodie!" I answered, laughing.


She laughed and we got back to work.


~12:00 noon~


"Ready for our lunch break, Haley?" I asked, wiping off my hands.


"Yup." she said, popping the 'p'.


We went outside and went next door to McDonald's. I ordered the usual: Number 8 plain with a Dr. Pepper. Haley ordered a salad with a Coke.


"I'm still hungry. I'm gonna get some frozen yogurt. Want some?" I said.


"Of course you're hungry."


"What's that supposed to mean!?"


"You have a big appetite."


"Yeah, well Niall does like girls with a big appetite. Guess we're meant to be." I said, winking.


She rolled her eyes and we went to throw our trash away. We went outside and that's when I noticed something on the concrete.


I bent down, curious, and picked them up.


My eyes almost popped out of my head looking at them.


"H-Haley!" I shouted.




"Come here!"


She came over and I showed her what was in my hands.


We looked at each other, the items, then back. We started jumping around and screaming.


There, right in my hands, was a note that said:


To whoever finds these,
                  Have fun! My friend and I didn't need them so we hope you'll enjoy yourself!


Attached was two front row tickets to One Direction's concert AND VIP backstage passes!


We ran back to work and requested to leave early. Gladly, our boss accepted. We immediately went home and started planning everything out for the concert TONIGHT.

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