Their Lucky Charms

Haley and Madelyn are two 18 year old girls who just finished high school and are working in a new coffee shop in California. One day, one little thing they find on the concrete, changes their lives for good.....


5. Someone's Got A Crush

5.) Someone's Got A Crush
Haley POV

"So, were you texting Niall?" I asked, smiling.

Madelyn blushed. ".........Yeah....."

"Someone's got a crush." I sing-songed, waggling my eyebrows.

She blushed even more. "SHUT UP! You've got a crush on Harry!"

This time, I blushed.

"What'd you talk about? You guys were texting for a while." she asked.

I smiled, remembering the conversation.

We got home and I saw what Harry wrote on my CD.

I immediately texted him:

Harold. I see that you think I'm very beautiful;)

Harold<3: I don't know what you're talking about. I've only told one girl that.......;)

Would her name happen to be Haley???? ;)

Harold<3: OMG STALKER!!!!

Lmao And did she happen to be in the front row of your concert????;)

Harold<3: I WILL call security if you don't tell be who the hell your are;) didn't even ask who I was....

Harold<3: Oh. Who is this???;) *cough* Haley *cough*

Haley Ross :D lmao

Harold<3: Well hello:)

Lmao I gotta go;) Text you later Harold;)

Harold<3: Bye babes;)

I blushed and put my phone away.

End of Flashback

We both laughed.

"So, what about you and Niall?" I asked, "What did you guys talk about?"

"Hmmm well he said 'This better be Madelyn' so I said 'No this is a stalker who's watching you right now named Fillipo lmao yes it's Madelyn' so he said 'Oh thank heavens I was about to call security' so then I said 'No u weren't' then he said 'You don't know that' so I said 'Yes I do I'm psychic' and he said 'Suuuuuure and I'm a leprechaun' which made me say 'Don't make fun of leprechauns you and I just so happen to be one' so he said 'Wait you're Irish' so I said 'No dip. Why do u think I was wearing Irish stuff' which made him say 'I don't know trying to impress me er somethin' so I was like 'Yeah right' then he was like 'What's that supposed to mean' so I said 'Nothing I gotta go sorry wish we could finish our interesting convo' and he said bye." she said super fast.

We both just sat there, me with my mouth wide open and her just sitting there.

Then, we both burst out laughing.

"Lyn, you know I love you right?" I asked, still laughing.

"Duh. Course I do. I'm psychic, remember?" she answered.

"How did you remember all of that?"

She shrugged.

We giggled and talked a bit more. Then, we decided to go to bed since it was a little past midnight.

Madelyn POV

I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about Niall. I remember how I hesitated to text 'Love you!<3' to Niall, even though it'd be like how friends say 'I love you' to each other without REALLY meaning it.

My phone vibrated. I looked at my clock to see what time it was first.

2:45 am

Who the bloody hell would be texting me this time of day?

I looked at my phone and my heart leaped.

Ni<3: Hey Lyn:) u up??

I smiled.

Why the bloody hell would u txt me this time of day!? Lol

Ni<3: Can't sleep.

Me either......:/

Ni<3: Hey, the lads & I r goin to the beach after we get sum coffee at round 8:00. U & Haley should meet us ther.

Hmmmmm depends. Swimmin er what??

Ni<3: Watever u wanna do:) Doesn't really matter.

K:) We'll b ther:)

Ni<3: Yay! :D

Lol Imma get sum sleep:) nite Ni:)

Ni<3. Night<3

I smiled and fell asleep.........well I tried at least.
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