Their Lucky Charms

Haley and Madelyn are two 18 year old girls who just finished high school and are working in a new coffee shop in California. One day, one little thing they find on the concrete, changes their lives for good.....


4. Just A Stalker Named Fillipo

4.) Just A Stalker Named Fillipo
Niall POV

I fell back onto the couch in our dressing room.

I don't know why, but this concert was different. It was strange.

"Niall? You alright, mate?" Louis asked me.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." I answered.

"You lads ready for the meet-and-greet?" Zayn asked, walking into the room.

"How many girls?" Liam asked.

"Bout seven I think."

We nodded and got up.

When we entered the room, there were exactly seven girls.

Five of them were in a group, talking and giggling. The other two were in the corner, talking.

Harry coughed to get their attention. All of the girls turned. The group of five started to jump up and down and scream. The other two, however, smiled really big.

It dawned on me that the two girls were the ones that were in the front row. That the girl dressed in an Irish flag shirt, was the one that caught me eye.

Harry POV

Five of the seven girls started to rush up to us, shouting for pictures and hugs and such.

However, the other two were quite calm and relaxed. I noticed that Niall and I couldn't stop staring at them.

The girl with the small curls was the one that had caught my eye in the audience.

It was strange, the concert seemed different after she caught my eye.

We all signed things for the five girls and took pictures with them.

After that, the girls went to talk to Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Niall and I both walked over to the other two.

"Ello, loves." I said to them.

"H-hi." the cute one asked.

I caught the slightest hint of a British accent in her American voice.

"Hello......" the other one asked.

She sounded.........Irish? American? Irish-American? Yeah. Irish-American.

"Can we have some pictures with you?" the British-American one asked.

"Of course........uh.......?"

"Haley." she said.

"Haley." I answered, "That's a beautiful name."

"Thanks." she looked down and blushed.

"And you are?" Niall asked the other girl.

"Madelyn. You can call me Lyn. But not Maddy. Never Maddy. I hate the name Maddy." she said, laughing.

Niall laughed.

We took pictures with Haley and Madelyn and talked with them for a while.

When they asked us to sign their CDs, I had an idea. When I signed Haley's, I signed it like this:

You're a very wonderful and very beautiful girl. Now, I don't want you to share this with ANYONE but Madelyn:
Text me sometime;)

Niall and I traded CDs. Right when I was about to sign Madelyn's, I noticed that Niall had the same idea:

Wow. Uh where do I start? Haha you're such an amazing girl. I want to get to know you more. So, here's something I'm only going to give to YOU:
Text me sometime, love:)

We handed the girls their CDs and they went to get the other lads to sign them.

~~~After the meet-and-greet~~~
Niall POV

I can't get Madelyn out of me head. I keep checking me phone to see if she texted me.

Who am I kidding? She probably has a boyfriend.

I could only hope she doesn't.......

"Niall! Mate, you alright? You seem.......anxious." Liam asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine....." I trailed off.

"Alright......" he said, not believing me.

Liam left and I noticed that just Harry and I were left in the room.

I saw that he was just staring at his phone, just like I was.

"So, Harry? You, um, like one of the girls from earlier........?" I asked, hoping it wasn't Madelyn.

"Yeah. You?" he asked.

"Yeah. Which girl? Haley or Madelyn?"

"Haley." he smiled, then his smile faded. "You don't like her too, do you!?"

"No. If I could have one of them as my princess, it'd be Madelyn."

We both smiled.

Then, both of our phones vibrated. We both immediately checked.

I smiled really big when I saw me text:

???: Hey, Niall:) Saw what u wrote;) lol

I answered back.

This better b Madelyn;) lol

???: Don't worry. It's just a stalker who's watching u right now named Fillipo;) lmao yes it's Madelyn xD

Oh thank heavens! I was about to call security!

Lyn<3: No u weren't;)

U don't know that.......;)

Lyn<3: Yes I do;) I'm psychic;) lmao

Suuuuuure;) And I'm a leprechaun;)

Lyn<3: Hey! Don't make fun of leprechauns! U and I just so happen to b one!

Wait woah ur Irish!?

Lyn<3: No dip. Y do u think I was wearing Irish stuff?????

Idk......tryin to impress me er somethin??

Lyn<3: Yeah right;)

What's that supposed to mean!?!?!?

Lyn<3: Nothing nothing. Haha listen, I gotta go. Sorry Ni:/ Wish I could finish our very interesting convo;)

K bye:)

I hesitated on typing 'Love u<3' but decided not to.

I saw Harry laughing and he put his phone away.

"Lads? You guys coming?" Liam asked.

We both nodded and left with smiles on our face.
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