Their Lucky Charms

Haley and Madelyn are two 18 year old girls who just finished high school and are working in a new coffee shop in California. One day, one little thing they find on the concrete, changes their lives for good.....


3. Concert Time

3.) Concert Time
Madelyn POV

"Ready?" Haley asked me.

"Hell yeah!" I said.

We laughed and got in my car to head to the concert.

I started the key and turned on my iPhone.

I wanna be last, yeah
Baby lemmie be your
Lemmie be your last first kiss

Last First Kiss blared through the speakers of my convertible. Haley and I laughed and we decided to play I Would.

Lately I've found myself thinkin
I'm dreamin about you a lot
Up in my head, I'm your boyfriend
But that's one thing you've already got

We sang the whole song until we got to the parking lot.

"Here we go!" Haley said, jumping up and down. We squealed and headed to the arena.


"What do you think the meet-and-greet is going to be like?" I asked Haley.

"I dunno, Lyn. I guess we'll get some pictures, chat for a bit, get them to sign the CDs we brought." she answered.

I nodded, then the big screen showed 'Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, & Zayn. Ladies and gentlemen, ONE DIRECTION' Haley and I screamed loud like all the other girls in the audience.

"We're like Na Na Na! Then we're like yeah yeah yeah!" the lads sang, running on stage.

Haley POV

The lads finished singing Na Na Na and I was already freaking out.

"Heeeeellllllooooo Californiaaaaaa!" Harry shouted.

"Hello!" the other lads said, waving.

Everyone shouted 'Hello' to the lads.

"Harry, I think we might be in the wrong place." Liam said.


"Cos there's too many beautiful girls here." Liam winked.

The beginning notes of Loved You First came on and they started singing.


It came time for the Twitter questions and by now, Madelyn & I were practically hyperventilating.

"Hey, Lyn? You alright?" I asked, remembering something VERY important: She's claustrophobic.

She was taking deep breaths and nodded.

".......Yeah. I think I'm fine." she answered.

Seems like she was so excited, that she forgot her own fear.

She and I looked at the screen, hoping to see our tweets.

The first question said 'Can you do a handstand?? Without any help??'

All the lads tried and failed miserably. It was so funny though!

The next one made my heart leap. It was the question Madelyn and I sent in together.

'Can you show us your absolute BEST moves??'

The lads laughed.

Harry was the first and did a hilarious ballerina pirouette. I laughed at the sight of it.

Then, Liam did his twirl then the splits, laughing.

Niall did his Irish dance and that made Madelyn smile and laugh.

Louis did the 'One Direction dance' from that 'La Boîte a Questions' interview.

Finally, Zayn did the 'Push & Pull'.

Everyone laughed.

"Okay, let's see that was from Haley Ross and Madelyn Bennet. Row 1, seats 7 and 8." Harry said.

They scanned the row, then saw Madelyn and I waving and smiling.

It was strange, but I was sure that Harry stared at me & Niall stared at Madelyn.......
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