Eat, Sleep, Drink. Die.

The pain is all around, it scares you, its always going to be here, threatening to pull you under.


1. Where am I?

Where am I?

It's dark. It's very dark. I can hear screeches of pain, hunger and pure torture. I don't have any memory of being here. I don't know why I'm here. 

I'm hungry. I haven't eaten for what's felt like years. Once I remember being fed. I ate a lot  but I was so hungry to not feel full.

It's dark here as well.

I hurt now. It's not just the hunger. My whole body aches. I can't remember when it hasn't. 

This room smells stale. It always has, everywhere I've been has. I've never really noticed. It's like the fear. We're constantly being drowned in terror so much that it's become familiar. But never unnoticeable.

I always have this dread. Surging through me. The dread of death. It's always here. I can sense it. It's like a sixth sense. It doesn't seem like an end. Just more pain. But now it seems like a reason price to pay to end this all.

It will come.

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