Love Story

Behind every couple there is an unique love story. However Niall and Hannah Horan's is mix of complicated and love-strcuk.


3. Play it Cool


I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to get another day of recording over with. I ran into my kitchen to see half of the cake Hannah and I made last night. A smile instantly grew on my face at the thought of Hannah. Maybe I should stop by after recording.


I was in a really good mood this morning, because of Niall. I hope I get to see him again. What the heck am I thinking? He's famous, why would he care about some girl who works in a tiny bakery? Oh well I had fun.


Paul- You boys have been working really hard. You can have a three hour break, but be back here by 3. Ok?


Liam- So do you boys want to go out to lunch or something?

Harry- Ya, I'm starving.

Niall- Umm I know a cute little bakery we could go to.

Zayn- Lets go there.

Yes! I get to see Hannah. I hope the boys don't embarrass me.


Business today was so slow. There were only three people finishing lunch when five really attractive boys walked in. Wait thats One Direction! And that means Niall's here!!!

Hannah- Hi welcome to Sweet Retreat. Can I get you anything?

Niall was smiling like crazy at me. He waved and gave me a huge hug.


Niall- Hey Niall.

Harry- You guys know each other?

Niall- Ya, we met yesterday. She saved me from being trampled to death.

Liam- Niall, you know we're not supposed to walk alone.

Niall- I know, but somebody ditched me!

Harry- Sorry, I umm forgot?

Niall- ya ya ya.

Zayn- So whats your name beautiful?

I blushed and looked over to see Niall giving Zayn the death glare.

Hannah- I'm Hannah.

Zayn- Well Hannah everything looks delicious. Any suggestions?

Hannah- Well, the soup is really good.

Zayn- Ok, I'll have that.

Liam- Same.

Louis- Can I have a chicken wrap?

Harry- Ooo I want that also.

Niall- Can I have a salad with a side of you?

He winked at me.

Hannah- Haha, I'll be out with your orders in a few minutes. Don't break anything.

I walked in the kitchen and started making their food. I could hear them talking.


Niall- Louis Shut up! What of she hears you?!

Harry- You should ask her out Niall. She's really pretty and if you don't, I will.

Niall- Ok ok, I'll talk to her after lunch, just don't embarrass me.

Oh my gosh Niall Horan has a crush on me! Ok Hannah calm down, just play cool. I walked out with their food and all of the boys went silent.

Liam- Would you like to join us Hannah?

Hannah- Oh, I don't want to be a bother.

Harry- No, we insist. 

Harry winked at Niall as he said it.

Hannah- Umm ok.

Louis- So Hannah how old are you?

Hannah- 18 almost 19.

Louis- Niall's 19!!

I looked at Niall, he face palmed himself and then flipped Louis off. I laughed and Nialls head shot up.

Niall- You have a really cute laugh Hannah.

Hannah- Thanks:)

Zayn- Oh would you look at the time. Sadly we have to leave come on boys lets go. Niall, you're paying.

The boys left and it was only Niall and I in the bakery. He pulled out his wallet.

Hannah- Don't worry about it.

Niall- Are you sure?

Hannah- Ya consider it a friend discount.

Niall- Thanks. Ummm Hannah, I was uhh wondering if uh you want to go on a date with me?

He was looking at me, hope shining in his deep blue eyes.

Hannah- I would love to.


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