Love Story

Behind every couple there is an unique love story. However Niall and Hannah Horan's is mix of complicated and love-strcuk.


1. Love Story

Year 2020


My life couldn't possibly get any better. Right now my husband of six years, Niall, is picking up my daughter, Isabelle, from school. As usual I'm in the kitchen making dinner when they arrive home laughing their beautiful laughs.

Isabelle- MOMMMYY!!!

Hannah- Hi baby.

I said as I picked her up and kissed her cheek. Niall walked over and did the same to me.

Isabelle- I'm hungry mommy.

Hannah- Haha, looks like you picked up that trait from your daddy. Dinner's almost ready sweetheart. How about you go play with your toys for a few minutes?

Isabelle- OK!

She walked out and I continued cooking with Niall 'taste testing' it every few minutes.

Hannah- So hows the new album coming along?

Niall- It's tiring, can believe it's our fifth album?

Hannah- You boys work so hard, I'm so proud of you.

I turned around facing him. He smiled and kissed me sweetly,

Isabelle- EWW!! STOP IT!!

We pulled away laughing.

We were in the middle of dinner and I decided to start a conversation.

Hannah- So Isabelle, did you learn anything new at school today?

Isabelle- YA!! We learned that our Mommy and Daddy have a love story.

Niall- That's very true Isabelle.

I smiled thinking back to the past. My thoughts were interrupted when she asked;

Isabelle- Mommy, daddy, whats your love story?

Niall- Well, your mommy and I met eight years ago, after two years we got married and we had you a year and a half later.

Isabelle- Oh! We also learned about babies, but she wouldn't tell us how you can get them.

Hannah- How do you think you can get babies.

Isabelle- Well I asked Uncle Lou Lou and he said you buy them off of Craig's List!

Niall bursted out laughing as did I. Poor little Isabelle got upset.

Isabelle- Whats so funny?

She crossed her arms with a pouty look on her face.

Hannah- You're just adorable.

She smiled and then yawned. 

Niall- Are you tired Isabelle?

She nodded her head and Niall picked her up bringing her to her room.

That night Niall and I both lay staring at the ceiling thinking back to our love story. Repeating every detail our my heads from the very beginning.

A/N: I might update later if I have time. I hope you like it so far. I have 2 other Movellas that you should check out. Thanks for reading!!

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