Love Story

Behind every couple there is an unique love story. However Niall and Hannah Horan's is mix of complicated and love-strcuk.


5. Date


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Niall's going to be here to pick me up in an hour and I'm not even close to being ready. I ran around my tiny apartment looking for something nice to wear. He said we are going to this really nice restaurant so I need to wear a nice dress. Finally, I found something nice. I decided on a red strapless dress, a black blazer and red pumps. To top it off I curled my hair and applied some makeup. Lastly I rolled red lipstick on my lips before there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood Niall in a very hot suit, he looked good.

Niall- Wow. You look... flawless.

Hannah- Thank you Niall, you look very handsome yourself. 

He took my hand and lead me outside to the parking lot where a 1980s mercedes was parked. He ran and opened the door for me.

Hannah- Why thank you sir.

Niall- Anything for you my lady.

We got to the restaurant which was packed.

Niall- Uhh reservation for Niall Horan.

Waiter man- Mr. Horan, there seems to be some complications with the scheduling. Unfortunately we are overbooked. We are terribly sorry.

I could tell that Niall was getting irritated.

Hannah- Niall, lets just go somewhere else.

We drove around London thinking of where we could go.

Niall- The only place I can think of is Nandos.

Hannah- I love Nandos!!!

Niall- Hannah, it's our first date, I want to take you to a nice fancy dinner.

Hannah- You could take me anywhere.  As long as I'm with you I don't care where it is.

Niall- You're amazing, Nandos it is.

We had an amazing date at Nandos. We were now walking hand in hand in a little park. Gosh, my feet hurt. I stopped walking and took off my shoes. Niall chuckled taking his off and handing them to me. Oh my gosh, he's so sweet. We got to a swing set and I ran towards it with him laughing behind me.

Hannah- Niall will you push me?!?!

Niall- Your such a little kid.

Once I was swinging really high I had an idea.

Hannah- Niall if I jump will you catch me?

Niall- Umm are you sure thats a good idea?

Hannah- ya on the count of three!

We were both laughing.

Niall- 1

Hannah- 2

Niall- 3!!

I flew off the swing with a little more force than I anticipated. I had so much forced that I knocked Niall over landing on top of him. We looked into each others eyes immediately becoming serious. Niall started leaning closer to me as I closed my eyes. Our lips connected and fireworks sparked throughout me. 

Niall- Hannah, I really really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?

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