Love Story

Behind every couple there is an unique love story. However Niall and Hannah Horan's is mix of complicated and love-strcuk.


2. Baking

Year 2012


This album is stressing me out. All I want to do right now is go home and eat junk food with my girlfriend. Oh wait, I don't have a girlfriend because no girl can keep calm while having a conversation with me! Are you fucking serious! Harry left and he was my ride home. Well I guess I have to walk home now. I pulled up my hood and put my sunglasses on hoping that no one would recognize me. I was near my complex building when I heard a bunch of screaming girls. Oh shit, not again. I looked behind me to see at least one hundred girls running towards me. I started running, but someone grabbed my hand and pulled me sideways into a little bakery and then locked the door. She turned around and my jaw literally dropped, this girl is gorgeous.

The Girl- Ummm, I'm sorry I startled you, I just thought that being trampled to death would not be fun.

I smiled at her.

Niall- Thank you:) I'm Niall by the way, Niall Horan.

I extended my hand towards her. She did the same, her hands were so soft and they fit in mine like it was made just for me.;)

The Girl- I know and I'm Hannah.

We sat at a table in the empty bakery and had a nice conversation. I guess I got lost in her eyes because I didn't realize it was storming until an extremely loud thunder clap sounded.

Hannah- Well it looks like we're going to be here for a while. I can teach you how to make whatever desert you can think of, if you want to?

Niall- Ya! How about an oreo cake?

Hannah- I like the way you think Niall.

She winked at me and giggled. Her laugh was so adorable. She led me to a very fancy kitchen in the back and started pulling out random ingredients.

Niall- So, do you own this place or something?

Hannah- It's a family bakery, but my family doesn't live here so I guess you could say it's mine.

Niall- That's so cool. You know I like girls who can cook?

Hannah- Oh really? I like guys from Ireland.

We laughed and started making the cake. Once we put it in the oven she looked at me and grinned evilly. She picked up a handful of extra flour and threw it at me. She ran in the opposite direction of me giggling.

Niall- Oh it's on.

We started throwing whatever we could find at each other. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. We cleaned ourselves and the kitchen up and pulled our cake out of the oven. She let me ice it. I wrote 'Can I Have Your Number' on it. She laughed writing it down on a napkin.

Hannah- You can bring the cake home with you.

Niall- No we'll split it in half.

I was about to leave when I turned around to face her.

Niall- I had a really fun time tonight. Maybe we could do it again sometime?

Hannah- You know where to find me;)

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