Love Story

Behind every couple there is an unique love story. However Niall and Hannah Horan's is mix of complicated and love-strcuk.


7. 20 Questions


She looked at me for a few seconds showing no emotion on her face. Shit. I don't know if I can handle rejection. I stared into her eyes searching for an answer. A smile crept onto her face as she nodded her head. I felt my own lips curve into a smile as she leant down and kissed me again. She stood back up extending her hand towards me.

Niall- I should probably get you home.

She frowned when we got to the car. When we were on our way we started talking.

Hannah- Lets play 20 questions!!

Niall- Ya!! Ummm Whats your favorite color?

Hannah- Ok we'll say it at the same time. Ready?

Niall and Hannah- (Niall's is first) blue orange

Hannah- What's your favorite food?

Niall and Hannah- anything noodles

Niall- If you had a baby girl what would you name her?

Niall and Hannah- Isabelle Isabelle

Hannah- Woah haha... JINX!!

Man she has a lot of energy. I like that. I pulled up to her apartment complex and walked her up to her place. 

Niall- We should do something like this again soon.

Hannah- Ya! We kinda have to cause we're a couple now.

Niall- Oh ya. I haven't dated someone in a while so it's a little hard to get used to. 

Hannah- You're adorable.

Niall- And you're beautiful.

She blushed flashing me one of her cute smiles. 

Hannah- Well, thanks for everything. See you soon.

She leaned in and kissed my cheek.

Niall- Ya I'll call you. I'm thinking about hanging out with this really hot girl that works at a bakery tomorrow.

Hannah- What a lucky girl. Too bad most bakeries are closed on saturdays.

Niall- hahah, I'll see you tomorrow babe.

a/n: sorry its so short and bad. I'll update soon. Happy 2013!!! I hope everyone has a great year!!!

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