Love's hard battle ( Sequel to Harry she's yours )

The hate for Louis right is to high and you want to so bad to talk to him and tell him how you feel and at the same time try to help him and Haley. Harry on the other hand feels a little left out because your so worried with this drama and your always with the kids, he loves you and kids so much but is the gap Harry's feeling tear you and him apart or will you ever find a way to keep your life balanced


8. Your leaving ??

" What do you mean your leaving " I asked trying to hold back the tears " Babe you know I have that tour and I have to go on " Harry said trying to hold back his tears " I know you do and I want you to go and have fun but I think right now the best time for us to be apart " " Babe please right now I need you to be here for me this is just as hard for me as it is for you, I mean whats wrong " " Harry dont raise your voice at me please I dont want to fight im sorry just go and on that darn tour okay " I said with tears coming down my face, Harry really doesnt get it its hard not having him here and with everything thats been going on he wants to raise his voice at me. I walk out of our bedroom and walk down the street a bit and after a while I came home I walked in our new house I hear Harry on the phone " I know I know im going on tour and I'll meet you there, when the boys and I get on the road I'll call you, No I dont think she's knows about this she cant find out about this either okay, alright bye " I stopped in my tracks as the tears ran down my face how could he be cheating on me we have kids and we're married why would he. I dried my face off and walked the room where he was " Hey baby there you are im so sorry for raising my voice and I love you I know you dont want me to go but I'll fly back every chance I get " Harry said as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck, I kept my arms by my side and didnt even move my heart as really been ripped out of me " Babe whats wrong " " Nothing " " Come on now said I was sorry I dont know what else to say baby " " Are you cheating on me Harry I mean be real with me " " Where in the world did that come from " " I heard you Harry your talking to some one else telling them that you dont think I dont know about it did you really I wouldnt find out about " Harry cut me off by kissing me " What are you doing your cheating on me and then your gonna kiss me " " Im not cheating on you I would never we have children together and I love you and I kissed you so you would shut up " Harry said " Then Harry explain to me who that was and why are you keeping things from me " " Babe please trust me im not cheating on you, you'll find out everything soon when I leave for the tour I'll call and just babe please trust me " " Harry just tell me " " No baby please trust me " Harry said kissing me all over I couldnt stay mad so I kissed him back if I wanted things to work I have to trust right ? I have to take Harry to the airport tomorrow and I know the kids want to see us happy so we'll both have to put our best foot forward.

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