Love's hard battle ( Sequel to Harry she's yours )

The hate for Louis right is to high and you want to so bad to talk to him and tell him how you feel and at the same time try to help him and Haley. Harry on the other hand feels a little left out because your so worried with this drama and your always with the kids, he loves you and kids so much but is the gap Harry's feeling tear you and him apart or will you ever find a way to keep your life balanced


13. Kiss me, love me, cause I'd do it for you ~

" Harry please dont go what about the kids, us.. our love " I said crying throwing my hands in Harry direction trying to stop him from leaving. But he kept walking and I couldnt stop him Kallie and Holden where crying too,  " Harry why are you doing this Harry! Please dont go ! " I yelled and then everything goes black I suddenly see Harry in the middle of the street with cars fyling by as fast as a race card " Harry are you carzy get out of the road " Harry just turns around and I see Jake's face the one who tried to take my kids away from me the one who broke my lover's arm. Jake the crazy insane freak! He begins to laugh like a mad man and the I see Holden and Kallie with Harry in our house. The house blows up and I begin to scream to the top of my lugs " I told you, you are mine " Jake says and then I hear this car spinnning a wheel its coming stight for me ......... " I love you Harry, Holden , Kallie I will always love you " I said befor the car hit me.


" Babe wake up, Baby wake up whats wrong " Harry asked looking down at me worried and " Did you have a bad dream " Harry asked setting me up out of the bed I just nodd and lay my head on his chest and begin to cry " Shhh baby its alright im here " " I know you are and Im thankful for you and our beautiful children " I said looking up at him and crashing our lips together " Sorry I just wanted to feel your lip with mine again " I said I lay my head back on his chest and let a few more tears out. " Baby what ever it was Kallie, Holden, and I love you and we're here " Harry says kissing me on the forehead " Come on lets go and wake the kids for breakfest Harry says smiling holding his hand out for yours.

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