Love's hard battle ( Sequel to Harry she's yours )

The hate for Louis right is to high and you want to so bad to talk to him and tell him how you feel and at the same time try to help him and Haley. Harry on the other hand feels a little left out because your so worried with this drama and your always with the kids, he loves you and kids so much but is the gap Harry's feeling tear you and him apart or will you ever find a way to keep your life balanced


10. Im already there

After I party a little with my firends I went got the kids from Ann's we get home and I put the kids to bed as I tuck in Kallie she begins to cry " Mommy I want daddy to tuck me in " " I know baby but he has to work " " Mommy when will daddy be back, I miss him " " I know you do baby I miss him too go to sleep and we'll call them tomorrow " " Okay mommy I love you " " I love you too sweetie " I told Kallie and kissed her goodnight and headed to check and Holden before I took a bath. I get in the tub and feel the warm water sround me and it feels wounderful the only thing missing was Harry in here with me with his arms wrapped around me holding me tight kissing my shoulder and rubbing my back, I miss him soo much. I soon get out and wrapp myself in a towl and lay on the bed and just lay there thinking of Harry and how he hasnt called me lately. When I hear Harry's ringtone play from my phone he was calling me a part of me begin to fangirl and I looked down at my finger and smile at the fact even though im his wife I still fangirl. " Hello " I say " Oh baby where you asleep im sorry but I had to hear you voice im going crazy without you baby im sorry havent been calling and txting I drop my phone in a mud puddle " He says his voice sounding like he needs me to hold and kiss " Its okay babe im just glad I can hear you voice once more and I miss you too, but I know two babies who miss you way more " " Oh yea where are out beautiful children " Harry asked his voice seemed to light up " They're in their rooms asleep but babe are you gonna really be here for Kallie's brithday " I asked worried that something might happen " I will try my hardest I promise " Harry says " Now women let me speak to my kids " Harry says laughing making me giggle. I went into Holden's room first " Babe he's asleep " I say Harry sighs " Put it on speaker and lay it beside him please " Harry asked " Okay babe, your on speaker " I said and laied the phone beside Holden. " Hey my little man, look I know daddy has been gone for a while but I promise son I will come home and then we can spend has much time as we can with eachother and we can laugh at how mommy tries to cook dinner the way I do " " Hey " I said smiling as I watch Holden form a smile on his face, I hear Harry's voice crack when he said " Just remember little man daddy loves you and he will home soon you can count on it I miss you and I love you " Harry says I can hear him sniffing from where he had been crying " Baby will you kiss Holden for me and take the phone to Kallie " Harry asked as I tried not to cry and I kissed Holden and took the phone to Kallie " Kallie baby its daddy, he called because he wanted to talk to you " I said waking Kallie up " Daddy " Kallie said " Yes baby its daddy he wants to talk to you " Kallie shot up and grabbed the phone " Daddy is that you " Kallie asked " Yes my baby girl its me " " Daddy when are you coming home " Kallie asked and started to cry " Im already there take a look around and the sun shine in your hair and the shadow on the ground, im the whisper in the wind, im your imaginary friend and I know im in your prayers baby girl im already there " Harry said Kallie begin to cry " Daddy I miss you  " Kallie said  " I miss you too baby girl " " Then come home I need you daddy " Kallie begged " Baby I promise you only have to wait one more month and Im all yours " Harry said crying and then I soon did too.

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