Love's hard battle ( Sequel to Harry she's yours )

The hate for Louis right is to high and you want to so bad to talk to him and tell him how you feel and at the same time try to help him and Haley. Harry on the other hand feels a little left out because your so worried with this drama and your always with the kids, he loves you and kids so much but is the gap Harry's feeling tear you and him apart or will you ever find a way to keep your life balanced


9. Goodbye's hurt

I hug Harry one last time befor him and the boys turn to catch their plain, a bunch of fans screaming at us and asking for pictures " I love you babe " Harry says kissing me with passion in it making the fans scream even more " I love you too " I said moving some of Harry's curls out of his beautiful green eyes " Daddy hurry back so you can be at my birthday party " Kallies says looking up with the same head full of curls Harry has " I will baby I will, nothing will stop me from coming back to the ones I love " Harry said looking at Kallie and then back at me. Harry kissed Kallie and picked her up and threw her in the air catching her I smiled as he and her both giggle and show the same dimples they both had, " And I cant forget about my little man " Harry said looking at Holden whom I held in my arms Harry put Kallie down kissing her one last time and then grabbed Holden out of my arms " Hey " Holden said smiling " You keep mommy stright okay your gonna be the man of the house until I get back alright " Harry kissing Holden, Holen showing off the same dimples Kallie and Harry shared. I always get teary eyed when Harry has to leave but I pushed the tears away knowing it would hurt Harry to see me cry so I just smiled and kissed and held him close " Come on mate we have to go " Liam said kissing me on the cheek then Kallie and Holden saying goodbye to us then the rest of  the boys following his lead " I love you baby " Harry said one more time " I love you too " I said has Harry left a kiss on my lips and handing me Holden as he walked away with the others. " Come on dear lets go get some ice cream I think we need some ice cream " I said looking down at Kallie as I watched her eyes light up and she jumped up and down yelling " Ice cream ice cream " I took Kallie's hand as we walked to the car. Later that afternoon my phone lit up with a txt from Harry

From: Harry~ Hey beautiful I love you x.

To: Harry~ Hey I love you too babe :)

And thats the last I've heard from Harry that night I know he as work but I hate it when it gets in the way of mine and Harry's family time I mean it hasnt been that long since Jake was put in jail. Everything is happing to fast and I know the day I married Harry that there would be good time and bad but never did I think I would feel this way and I get out of my head who Harry was talking with and why he wouldnt tell me I love him but gosh I really wish he would've told me " Just trust me " was all that kept going through my mind ugh I got to do something to keep this whole thing out of my head. " Hey miss Ann would you mind babysiting for me tonight I want some girl time " " Sure sweetie I would love to see my grand babies see ya in a bit " " Okay thanks  love you " " Love you too sweetie ".

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