Love's hard battle ( Sequel to Harry she's yours )

The hate for Louis right is to high and you want to so bad to talk to him and tell him how you feel and at the same time try to help him and Haley. Harry on the other hand feels a little left out because your so worried with this drama and your always with the kids, he loves you and kids so much but is the gap Harry's feeling tear you and him apart or will you ever find a way to keep your life balanced


4. Fear!

" Are they up " I hear Zayn ask Liam I could tell they where standing at the door watching us " No, I feel so bad for them, having to do through this and not knowing who it is I dont think I could do it you know it has to be hard on them " Liam says " Of course it is, I dont think I could either " Zayn says. I had my back to them so they didnt know I was awake I started to cry because Liam and Zayn are right its hard to go through something like this I cant help but to think its Louis but I dont want to say anything and it not be Louis, but apart of me thinks it is him and if it is him then I know there's gonna be hard feelings. I cant stand this I thought to myself " I dont think I can do myself  " I hear Harry say as he got up he was to my back as well, " Its hard and my wife she nor our children deserve this " Harry cried and Zayn and Liam ran to him hold him as I cry even more out loud and Harry turn to be me and held me tight as we cried together both knowing that it hurt to think it was Louis but we didnt know if it was him or not. " Im so sorry for not keeping Kallie, Holden and you safe baby im so sorry " Harry cried on my shoulder while Liam and Zayn picked Kallie and Holden up out of the room so they wouldnt hear us cry " No baby im sorry for not being there when I should have I know you need me and so does the kids " I cry back to him as Liam and Zayn stand at the door and let a few tears come out. " Baby I love you and I want you to know I will try my hardest to not let anyone hurt you or our family " Harry said looking at me with even more tears coming down his cheek " I know you wont let anyone hurt our family baby I love you too but baby we have to stay strong for the kids and try to make the best of things " I said and with that Harry kissed me with passion, passion that only a couple that are just crazy made in love would kiss and in that moment I knew for sure that I was crazy made in love with him and he was with me. Yes we loved each other but it was like this made us closer and more crazy for each other, we soon broke the kiss and smiled at each other and went to take a shower together and start our day Harry and I both get out of the shower and get dress and I went to get the kids up and get them ready when I see this car sitting ourside the house it looked creepy looking and fear crep into me and I yell for Harry and he came ranning in " What baby what is it " He says trying to catch his breath " Look " I said as I watch the car, it was black and neither one of us have seen the car befor " Liam call the police " " I already did mate " Liam says coming into the room along with Zayn " We locked all the doors " Zayn said fear in his voice as well " How did they find us " I said my eyes not leaving the car " I dont know babe " Harry said fear was in him too but he tried not to show it. " Mommy " Kallie said crying " Oh babygirl what is it " I said turning to her " I dont like the bad guy " she saids and lays her head on my shoulder as I pick her up and sit in the chair away from the window, we hear the police as they making their way to Liam's house and the black creepy car speeds away I close my eyes as I hear its tires moving and spen of wheel on the road which gave me chills and I wouldnt open my eyes till I felt Harry's hand on my face " Its going to find baby " He said and walks to the door down stairs to meet the police and tell what happen while I ask Zayn and Liam to stay with me because I dont want to left alone. While Kallie falls asleep in my arms I lay her down with Holden and walk down stairs to where the boys are now all the boys are here as I was half way down stairs I hear them talking but not about songs about me and the kids and Harry " Harry you have to trust me I swear I didnt do anything to your family I love you guys way to much " Louis says trying to yell " Oh yea just like you love Haley right " Harry says rising his voice I sit on the stairs and listen " Look I said I was sorry to Haley and I would never do that agian to her, but you have to trust me Harry " Louis says " " I dont know if I should trust you Lou " Harry says I could tell he was hurt and so was Louis I started to cry once I heard them cry together I walked slowly into the room where they all where Niall and the others had their heads down crying too. This had tooken a toll on all of us and what one felt the others felt too, I see Louis and Harry hugging, crying and I stood there and waited for one of them to say something I dont know what it was in me but I could tell Louis was telling the truth and I wrapped my arms around the both of them as far as I could reach and tighten the hug, Louis and Harry looked up and wrapped their arms around me " Babe I trust Louis, there's something is telling me his telling the truth " I said to Harry who nodded in agreement " Thanks love " Louis says " Hey let us in on the love " Niall says coming towards us and letting him and the others as well come into the hug. " I love you guys " I said looking at all of them.

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