The Game

Ever since the beginning of middle school, five guys have a game that they play. They hook up with girls and sleep with them. They'll break girls' hearts but sometimes they are lucky enough to get a girlfriend. This year, it's Amber's turn to participate in 'The Game'. Will she go along with it or reject the boys? And will she fall in love or get her hear broken?


11. Tryouts

~Amber's POV~

It's finally Wednesday. That means tryouts are today. The past couple of days Liam and I have trained from after school until about seven or eight at night. I'm hoping all of this pays off. I make sure I have everything I need before heading off to school. Halfway there, I here footsteps and voices behind me. I look over my shoulder and see Harry and Louis behind me.

"Hey Amber." "Hey." They say. Crap. I groan inside as they run to catch up with me. "I hear you are trying out for soccer." Louis says. I nod my head. "Well I should just warn you that I'm really good." "What are you getting at Louis?" "You're gonna have to try and keep up Love." He smirks. "Don't call me that." He continues to smirk and the two boys give each other a look. We are quiet for the rest of the walk with me walking just a bit faster than them.

We get to our lockers and the rest of the boys are there. Liam gives me a look and I mouth to him 'later' and he goes back to talking with Niall. Once I get my books, I walk over to my friends at Briley's locker. "Hey Amber. Ready for tryouts?" She asks. "You know it. I'm always ready." "I heard Louis is trying out. What do you think about that?" Bree asks. "I'll beat his little arse. I'm getting captain this year." I say confidently. We stand around talking until the warning bell rings.

I walk into class and Liam looks up and smiles at me. I nod back so the others won't get suspicious and that's when I see Harry and Louis whispering about something. I take my seat and listen in the best I can to their conversation. I only catch them say 'Amber, sex, soccer, and party'. 'What are those boys planning? Why would they mention my name with sex?' Someone clears their throat and I look up at the teacher. "Miss Knight. Care to answer the question?" I nod my head no and then see Harry and Louis smirk at each other. That gets my blood boiling because I know they said what they did on purpose.

Right before the bell rings, I get a text from Liam saying to meet him around the corner from our lockers. The bell rings and I make my way past the boys as quickly as possible to get to my locker. Once I have my books for next period, I wait around the corner for Liam. "Hey Liam." I say when he turns the corner and we start heading to class. "Hey Amber. So what was up with this morning?" "Harry and Louis were walking behind me to school this morning and then they caught up with me." "Sounds like something they would do. Are you ok though?" "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" "Just the way you were acting in class." "Oh. I was just deep in thought." "I could tell." Liam replies and smiles before we take our seats.

In third period, Creative Writing, Louis and I don't talk much. Today I don't care much because we will probably just get into an argument about tryouts later. He's already cocky enough. Don't wanna make it worse. After class, I go back to my locker and switch out my books. Once I turn around, Harry is standing right in front of me. Before I can open my mouth to tell him to move, he grabs me by the hand and leads me to science. 

"What the crap Harry?" "Oh come on. You like it when I take control." He says smirking. "Wh-What?" I ask in complete shock. He laughs and then looks straight at me. "I was messing with you Amber. Can't you take a joke?" "Haha Harry." I say glaring at him. I take my seat and work on the assignment from yesterday. After a while, I feel a hand on my knee. I look over at Harry and see him smiling down at his paper working on the assignment. "Harry. Move your hand." I say with clenched teeth. He moves his hand up and down my leg and I gasp. He looks directly at me with a cheeky smile. He leans in and whispers, "You told me to move it." I push him back and remove his hand before going back to the assignment. About 30 seconds later, he places his hand back on my knee and I remove it. This continues until the end of class.

As soon as the bell rings, I gather my things quickly and catch up with Keaton. "Hey Amber. You okay? You look a bit flustered." "I'm fine but I'll tell you when we get to lunch." Once we are seated at our table with our food, I begin to tell them all what Harry did. "So he wouldn't stop touching you?" Mikayla asks. "No. It was so annoying." "Why didn't you just tell on him?" Keaton asks. "I don't want to be a tattle tale plus it wouldn't have stopped him anyway." "You're probably right." Briley says. We finishing eating and then go to our other classes.

The final bell rings and Zayn and I walk together to our lockers. "You excited for tryouts?" "Most definitely. I just hope all the training with Liam helps." "I'm sure it will. You have nothing to worry about Amber." "Thanks." I say and smile at him. Once I have everything I need, I head off to the locker room to get changed and then head out to the field with Mikayla and Briley.

The coach introduces himself along with his assistant before writing down everyone's names. We then stretch out and run a couple laps around the field. "Alright everyone. Break up into groups of five or six and we'll start working on skills." The coach says. Lucky for me, I'm with my friends and a couple of boys I don't know. Louis is in a different group. 

After working on dribbling, passing, and kicking, we get ready to scrimmage. "Alright. Listen up. Team one consists of Mikayla, Briley, Amber,...." I look at the girls and smile. 'Yes. Hopefully Louis isn't on our team. "Team two.....and Louis. Team one is yellow." The team I'm on goes over to the bleachers and grab the yellow jerseys. Both teams get in a circle to discuss who will play what position and who to guard. I groan inside when I hear that I'll be guarding Louis. Then we start to scrimmage.

When I get the ball, I start running down the field and looking for a team member who is open. Just as I'm about to pass it, Louis trips me and his team gets the ball. I get back up and glare at him saying, "You did that on purpose." He shrugs his shoulders and runs off down the field. I take off after him trying not to let him get to me. Him and I continue to mess each other up without getting a foul. We do succeed pretty well.

"Alright everyone. Bring it in." All of us trying out gather together in the center and take a knee. "Great job everyone. Results will be posted tomorrow morning outside my office. There'll be practice at 3:30 so don't forget clothes. You're free to go." The coach says. I take off the jersey and place it back in the basket. Then I walk over to the bleachers and grab my bags. My friends and I begin our walk home. "So do you think we made it?" Mikayla asks. "Of course. We were all killing it out there." I say. "Speaking of killing it. What was up with you and Louis?" Briley asks. "He started it. Probably wanted me to mess up. I got news for him though. I didn't mess up and I will be on the team." We part ways and I continue my walk in silence.

I get home and supper is ready. We begin eating and Dad asks, "How did tryouts go?" "Great." I say and tell them all about it. After supper and clean up duty, I head upstairs to do my homework and to take a shower. Once I'm dressed for bed and laying down, my phone goes off. I answer it to see a text from Liam.

How did it go?

It was great. I really hope I made it.

I'm sure you did.

Thanks for all your help Liam.

No problem Amber. :)

Well I'm gonna go to bed. I'm exhausted. See you at school.

Night. See ya.

I set my alarm for the morning and then get under the covers and immediately fall asleep.

~Liam's POV~

I've been helping Amber lately with training. It's gone really well. I hope she makes it.

I'm standing at my locker Wednesday morning talking with Niall, when I see Amber with Harry and Louis behind her walk up. I give her a questioning look and she mouths 'later' to me. I go back to talking with Niall. The five of us walk to class and sit down and continue our talking. When Amber walks in, I look up and smile at her. She nods back and then takes her seat. Before class ends, I text Amber and tell her to meet me around the corner of our lockers so she can tell me about this morning.She tells me what went on and I listen just like always.

The rest of the day goes by as normal. When I get home after school, I can't stop thinking about the soccer tryouts. I really do hope Amber makes it. She's amazing at soccer. Later, when I know that she's probably home, I text her to see how things went. I encourage her once again by saying I'm sure she made it. We say good night and then I go to bed myself.

~Harry's POV~

I had spent last night with Louis and we left for school the same time Amber did. We planned this so we could talk with her. She didn't want to talk much though. Then during first period, Louis and I whispered things for Amber to hear just to get a reaction. And it worked. She was totally flustered.

During third period, I come up with a way to make another move on Amber. The bell rings to signal the end of class and I walk quickly to the lockers. Just as Amber turns around, I step up to her and grab her hand pulling her to science. Her hand is really warm and soft.

"What the crap Harry?" "Oh come on. You like it when I take control." I say smirking. "Wh-What?" She asks flustered for the second time today. I laugh and then look directly into her eyes. "I was messing with you Amber. Can't you take a joke?" "Haha Harry." She says and glares at me. We take our seats and work on yesterdays assignment. After a while, I put my hand on her knee and smile down at my paper as I continue to work on it. "Harry. Move your hand." Amber says. I move my hand up and down her leg to tease her and she gasps. 'Yes. It worked. Cheeky one you are Styles.' I look once again at her with a cheeky smile before leaning in and whispering, "You told me to move it." She pushes me back and removes my hand. About 30 seconds later, I put my hand back on Amber's knee but she removes it. I continue this until class is over.

She quickly leaves the room as I gather my things. 'Way to go Styles.'

~Louis's POV~

Today is finally the day of tryouts. I'm pretty pumped. Niall has helped me out the last few days with getting back into shape. I have to make sure I get on the team whether Amber does or not.

Harry and I see her walking ahead of us and we catch up with her and talk a bit about tryouts. In history, Harry and I mention Amber along with a few other things loud enough for her to hear. I notice her reaction when the teacher asks her a question. I smile to myself and think, 'Nice job Tommo.'

During tryouts, Amber and I get separated into different groups and teams. 'Maybe this is for the best. We can both show off our skills but I can also trip her up.' Amber and I try to mess each other up in the scrimmage but it doesn't exactly work. Oh well. We'll just have to see who makes it. I go home and have supper and then go to bed.

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