The Game

Ever since the beginning of middle school, five guys have a game that they play. They hook up with girls and sleep with them. They'll break girls' hearts but sometimes they are lucky enough to get a girlfriend. This year, it's Amber's turn to participate in 'The Game'. Will she go along with it or reject the boys? And will she fall in love or get her hear broken?


15. Soccer and Running

~Amber's POV~

After school, I meet up with Briley and Mikayla. We change into our practice clothes and make our way out onto the field. "So they seriously wouldn't stop bugging you?" "Not at all. They got on my nerves all day. Hopefully, Louis will back off. If he doesn't, I might actually punch him in the face." "Even though that would be totally hilarious to see, we won't let you." Mikayla says. I nod my head in understanding.

The rest of the team shows up and we start warm-ups. Louis starts annoying me again by asking me pointless questions. "Louis, shut up before I punch you." "Oh Amber. We both know you won't do that unless you want to be suspended." He says with a smirk. I groan and do my best to shut him out but that's nearly impossible.

After warm-ups, Coach tells us to get started on drills. We break off into groups and Louis decides to join mine. "Would you just leave me alone?" "Nah. It's fun bugging you. But you know, I think on the inside you like it." I scoff and give him a look. "You wish Tomlinson." He now has me really pissed off. Each time I go to kick the ball, I imagine it as Louis and Harry and it seems to really help.

Practice ends and my friends and I gather up our things. "Hey guys', I've got a few things to do. I'll see ya tomorrow." "Alright. Later." "Bye." They say. I then see Louis leave so I pull out my phone to text Liam that I'm on my way. About five minutes later, I arrive at the track to see Liam already stretching. "Hey Liam." "Hey. Ready to start?" "Definitely." We start off slow and then pick up our pace.

"How was your day?" He asks. "Don't get me started. Let's just say Harry and Louis have bugged the crap out of me all day." "I'm sorry. They sometimes get that way especially if they are in a good mood or found someone who will tolerate them." "And both apply?" "Yeah. They must have still been pumped from the party and what not." "I see. Anyway, how was your day?" "It was alright. Been pretty calm." He chuckles a bit and I smile. We continue to chat about various things. 

We finish our run, and I'm pretty worn out. "Let's go eat." Liam says and I laugh. "I agree. I'll see ya tomorrow." I say. "Hold it. You're coming over for supper." "But..." "No buts." Liam says interrupting me. "My house is a lot closer and my family loves having you around." "Oh fine but next time, we'll eat at my place." "Deal." He says and we head to his house.

~Liam's POV~

When it gets close to five, I receive a text from Amber. I change into running clothes and make my way to the track at the college. I know Amber will soon arrive and has already warmed up. I decide to warm up myself while I wait. Shortly after, she arrives. "Hey Liam." "Hey. Ready to start?" "Definitely." We start off slow and then pick up our pace. As we run, we talk about our day and other various topics.

Once we have finished, I notice Amber seems a bit worn out. 'She's probably hungry too.' "Let's go eat." I announce and hear her laugh. "I agree. I'll see ya tomorrow." "Hold it. You're coming over for supper." "But..." "No buts." I interrupt her. There's no way I'm losing this argument. "My house is a lot closer and my family loves having you around." "Oh fine but next time, we'll eat at my place." I know she won't come if I don't agree so naturally I have to. "Deal." I say and we head home.

We walk in the house and I announce that I'm home and brought Amber too. My mom walks in and gives Amber a hug. "It's so good to see you again Amber." "Likewise Mrs. Payne." "Come on in. Supper is ready." My mother says. We follow her into the dining room and take our seats. We all enjoy ourselves with the conversation as we eat. "Do you kids have a lot of homework today?" Mom asks. "I have math but that's it." I say. "I do have quite a bit." Amber says. 'Help her. You'll get to hang out longer.' "Liam, sweetie. It's your night to clean the table." I'm about to open my mouth to object when I notice her giving me the look. "Ok."

My family gets up from the table and goes their own ways. I see Amber stand up and I quickly say, "You can go up to my room to work on your homework and I'll be there in a few." Amber looks at me and then nods. I see her head upstairs before I start clearing the table and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Once I'm finished, I go to my room where Amber is at.

"I can work on my homework at home." She says. "Amber. I'll help you which will make things go faster." "Oh alright." She says. I let Amber take my bed as I sit down at my desk and start my math. There's minimum talking between the two of us. I get done with my work and turn around to see Amber asleep on my bed. 'Man, she really was worn out. I better let her sleep.' I put her stuff into her bag and cover her up with a blanket. Then I go to tell my mom that Amber is asleep and I don't want to wake her. She agrees to letting Amber sleep and I say goodnight.

I go back to my room. I grab my pajamas and head into the bathroom to change. I come back out and grab a blanket and pillow from the hall closet. I set them on the floor and turn out the light. "Goodnight Amber." I say and get comfortable in my new bed for the night.

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