The Game

Ever since the beginning of middle school, five guys have a game that they play. They hook up with girls and sleep with them. They'll break girls' hearts but sometimes they are lucky enough to get a girlfriend. This year, it's Amber's turn to participate in 'The Game'. Will she go along with it or reject the boys? And will she fall in love or get her hear broken?


13. Party Night

~Amber's POV~

It's finally Friday. I get up and get ready for the day. When I go down for breakfast, both of my parents are at the table. My mom sets a plate of food in front of me and I dig in. "Oh Honey. How did practice go yesterday?" "It went good. Actually, I made co-captain." "Great job." I look up at my dad and see him putting the paper down. "What do you mean co-captain Amber?" "Chill Dad. The coaches couldn't decide between me and another person for captain so they made us co-captains." "And who is the other?" "Louis Tomlinson." I reply. My dad nods and goes back to reading the paper. I put my dishes in the sink and grab my stuff to go to school.

Thankfully last night, my friends and I decided on walking to school this morning so I don't have to see Louis yet. "Hey Amber." Mikayla says. "Hey guys. Ready for school?" "You must be kidding. We are never ready." Briley says chuckling. "Oh so guess what." "What?" Mikayla and I question. "My parents are gone for the weekend and last time I checked no one is throwing a party tonight so...." "Party night!" Mikayla exclaims. "You know it. So after practice, we'll go to my house and get things set up." "Sounds good. And make sure you tell people today." "Well duh." Briley says.

Once we get to school, we separate to our own lockers. Just my luck, both Harry and Louis are there. "Good morning." Both boys say. I nod and make sure I have everything I need before meeting up with my friends again. As we make our way to first period, we tell students about the party. The warning bells rings and Mikayla and Briley are about to head off but I stop them. "Make sure you don't invite the boys." They nod and go to class.

It's now after school, and we are at soccer practice. Louis and I have warmed up the team. "Come have a seat on the bleachers everyone." Coach Burke says. Once everyone has taken a seat, Coach begins. "We have the schedules and uniforms for everyone. Coach Smith here will pass out the schedules as I call you all up to get your uniforms. Let's start with Amber and Louis." Both of us grab our socks and shorts. "What number would you guys' like to be?" Before Louis can say anything, I take my chance. "Twenty-one." Coach tosses me a practice jersey and game jersey with the number twenty-one. "Seventeen." Louis says. Coach tosses him his jerseys and we take our seats once again. After all that stuff is done, we start practice. At the end of practice, Coach lets us know that we need to be at the field at 10.

Mikayla, Briley, and I all head to Briley's house. We take turns taking showers and getting clean. While we wait for our turn, we set the house up for the party. I decide to take a shower last.

~Briley's POV~

Once practice is over and the girls' and I get to my house, we take turns getting cleaned up and set the house up for the party. Amber takes a shower last, and once she's gone. I find Mikayla to tell her something important.

"I need to tell you something Mikayla." "What?" "When I was inviting some people to the party today, the boys' overheard." "WHAT!?" I cover her mouth. "Shut up Mikayla. They told me that they were coming and two of them asked if Amber would be here." "Which ones? What'd you tell them." "I sorta said yes in a way and it was Louis and Harry." "She's gonna kill us!" "I know. But..." Mikayla gives me a look. "I think they may like Amber." "Who? Louis and Harry?" I nod my head yes. We continue talking about them until I hear Amber yell if she can borrow some clothes. I head upstairs and pick out some nice clothes for her to wear.

"I'm not wearing this." She says. "Come one Amber. Just this once. Try something different." "Oh alright." "Cool. Everything is set up so just come down once you are changed." She nods her head and I leave to go back downstairs. I hear a knock on the door and go to get it and I let the people in.

~Louis's POV~

During a passing period, the lads and I were walking behind Amber's friend, Briley. She was invited people to a party at her house. We questioned her about it and even Amber as well as saying we would be there. She didn't look to enthused but oh well. Right before practice, I told the guys that I would meet them at Zayn's as usual and then we could go to the party.

Once I get home from practice, I take a shower and then put on a blue button up shirt with a pair of dark jeans and white TOMS. I put some cologne and then grab my phone and make my way to Zayn's house. When I get there, all the other boys' are there and ready to go. Briley leaves just down the street so it doesn't take long to get there. When we do get there, the party is in full swing.

Harry and I go into the kitchen and get a drink. "So you got a plan to try and win over Amber tonight Lou?" "Sorta. Haven't thought it through entirely. What about you?" Truthfully I don't have a plan but I will. "Um yeah I guess. I'm gonna get her to dance with me." I nod my head and we talk about Amber before Harry is pulled away by a girl. I get another drink and go off to find Amber. I spot her in the living room with her friends and might I say she looks hot. She's wearing a skirt that goes to her knees and a red tank top with her hair down. I can't take my eyes off her. At one point, she looks my way and we make eye contact. I see her get angry and then head outside. I'm about to follow her when Liam pulls me back and says, "Let her be mate." When did he get here? I listen to him and head out on the dance floor.

~Amber's POV~

When I came downstairs after putting on Briley's clothes, the party is in full swing. I get a drink from the kitchen and find my friends' in the living room. We stand there talking and telling jokes just having a good time. I take a look around the room just to see who's here when my eyes land on Louis. 'What is he doing here!? I told them not to invite any of them!' I get really angry and decide to go outside to calm down.

I take a seat on the swing when I hear someone come up behind me. "You ok Amber?" Liam. "Yeah." He sits down on the swing next to me and just looks at me. "What are you guys' doing here?" "We may have overheard Briley inviting people. Harry and Louis insisted on coming." "Do you guys' go everywhere together?" "For the most part. We do our own things though. But you can't blame us for all coming. We have to look out for each other." "So being wing men?" "You could say that." Liam and I just sit there talking for a while longer. "How about we get back to the party?" He asks. "Yeah. Probably a good idea." We make our way back to the house. Just before we walk in, Liam stops me and asks, "Dance with me Amber?" "I'm sorry Liam but I can't. I don't want any one to know we are friends yet." "I understand." I look at him with a sorry look and we walk back in. We go our separate ways and do our own thing.

After getting another drink and talking with the girls', one of my guy friends pulls me out onto the dance floor. I decided to go ahead and dance with him. As I'm dancing, I notice Louis and Harry looking at me. I ignore them and continue on with what I'm doing. After a few songs, I feel two hands on my waist. I turn around and see Harry with a smile on his face. "Harry, what are you doing?" "Come on Amber. Dance with me. That's all I'm asking." I look at him and hear the song change. Next thing I know, he pulls me into him. My breath hitches and I look up at him since he's taller than me. "What do you say?" My mind has gone blank. He puts his hands around my waist and that's when it hits me. 'What am I doing!?' I push Harry away from me and walk away. I go back outside and sit down on one of the swings again just thinking.

~Harry's POV~

I haven't seen Amber all night. I'm determined to find her and dance with her though. When I walk into the room where the dancing is going on, I see Amber with a guy dancing. 'That should be me.' I tell myself. After watching her dance, I find my opportunity. I walk up behind her and put my hands on her waist. She turns around and I can't help but smile. 'I hope this works.' "Harry, what are you doing?" "Come on Amber. Dance with me. That's all I'm asking." The song changes to a slow one and I get an idea. I take one of Amber's arms and pull her closer to me. I see her breath hitch and we look at each other directly. "What do you say?" She's quiet for a while so I take it as a yes and put my hands around her waist. She then pushes me off and walks away. I'm left standing there staring after her.

Zayn comes up to me and pulls me into the kitchen. "You alright mate?" "Uhm, I don't know. Everything was going well and then it wasn't." "Yeah I kinda saw what happened." "Why wouldn't Amber dance with me?" "I don't know Harry. Maybe we should go? You can stay at mine." "Yeah. Sure." Zayn and I walk home and I'm quiet. I can't get Amber off my mind. She looked really fit tonight and I even thought she was going to dance with me. Why wouldn't she?

~Amber's POV~

'I can't believe I almost danced with Harry! What was I thinking!?" I stay outside on the swing just trying to sort things out and get Harry off my mind. Once the party is over, Briley comes outside. "Amber?" "Hmmm." "The party is over. You wanna stay the night?" "Sure." We go inside and get ready for bed.

As we try to get to sleep, Briley asks me about why I was outside and I tell her. It helps me to talk about it but I still can't get things off my mind. I fall asleep after what seems like hours.

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