The Game

Ever since the beginning of middle school, five guys have a game that they play. They hook up with girls and sleep with them. They'll break girls' hearts but sometimes they are lucky enough to get a girlfriend. This year, it's Amber's turn to participate in 'The Game'. Will she go along with it or reject the boys? And will she fall in love or get her hear broken?


19. Freaking Out

~Amber's POV~

Once I'm in Spanish, I turn around to Niall to talk about tutoring this afternoon. "So Niall, I was wondering if we could spend extra time today studying for the test tomorrow." "You're really freaked out about this test aren't you?" "Yes! If I don't pass this test then my life is over. No more soccer for me and I can't live with that." "Seems like soccer is your life." "It is." I say seriously. "Oh. Well, if you think it'll help you be more prepared then yes." "Great. Can you meet up at five instead?" "Yes." "Thanks." I say and turn around to text Liam and let him know that I have to cancel training for today and thankfully, he's totally cool with it.

Once I'm done with soccer practice, I try to quickly grab my stuff and make my way to the library but unfortunately, a brown haired, blue eyed boy named Louis stops me. "What do you want Louis?" "Just wondering where you're headed to so quickly that's all." "It's none of your business. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be going." I say and continue on to the library. Thankfully Louis doesn't follow me. Once I enter the building, I see Niall sitting towards the back with everything laid out. "Hey Niall. Sorry I wasn't here sooner. Louis tried talking with me." "Oh, it's fine. You ready to study?" I nod my head while taking a seat and we begin studying for the Spanish test.

"Ugh! This is impossible! I'm never going to pass this test." I say and let my head fall to the table. "That's not true Amber. You're just stressing yourself out. Why don't we go to my house for dinner and then continue studying after we've had a break?" Niall says. "I guess a break can't hurt. And I am hungry. Ok, let's go." We pack up our things and make our way to Niall's house.

~Niall's POV~

Ever since Amber and I talked during Spanish class, I've noticed just how freaked out she is about this test. I really hope that I can help her pass this test. I arrive at the library a little before five and decided to find a table and lay out my things so when Amber gets here, we can begin. Just a little after five, Amber shows up and we get straight to studying.

After nearly two hours of studying, Amber is really frustrated. It seems as if she could use a break. Besides, I'm hungry and it's about supper time. I suggest to Amber that we go to my house for dinner and then continue to study afterwords and she agrees.

We walk through the door and I say, "Mom, I'm home and I brought a friend." We leave our things at the front door and then I lead Amber into the kitchen where my mom is. "Hi Honey." Mom says turning around. "Mom, this is Amber. Amber, this is my mom." "Nice to meet you Amber." "Same here Mrs. Horan." "I hope it's ok that I invited Amber over for supper. It's kinda our study break." I tell Mom. "That is perfectly fine. Dinner will be ready in a few. Why don't you two go wash up and then Niall will you set the table?" "Sure Mom." Once we wash up for dinner and I've set the table, we take our seats and begin eating. Mom immediately makes conversation with Amber. It seems like they are getting along really well and they just met.

After I help Mom clean up the dinner table, Amber and I grab our book bags and go to my room so we can study some more. "Hey Niall?" "Yeah." "Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it." "Any time." I tell Amber and give her a smile. I then begin quizzing her over the material for the Spanish test. After a couple of hours of studying, we decide to take a break. I go to the bathroom, and when I reenter my room, I find Amber asleep on my bed. I softly chuckle and clean off the bed from our books and papers. Then I put a blanket over Amber and go to find my mom.

I find her in her bedroom. "Hey Mom?" "Yes Honey." "Amber fell asleep and I think it's best not to wake her up. Is it okay that she stays the night?" "Sure. After all that studying I can imagine how tired both of you are." "Thanks Mom. I'm going to sleep in the other bedroom." "Goodnight Niall." "Night." I go back to my room to grab a pair of clothes to sleep in and turn out the light before going to sleep.

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