The Game

Ever since the beginning of middle school, five guys have a game that they play. They hook up with girls and sleep with them. They'll break girls' hearts but sometimes they are lucky enough to get a girlfriend. This year, it's Amber's turn to participate in 'The Game'. Will she go along with it or reject the boys? And will she fall in love or get her hear broken?


20. A Job Well Done

~Amber's POV~

It's Monday morning and all I can think about is how I did on the Spanish test. I'm so nervous that I wasn't even able to eat breakfast this morning and I haven't really talked much so far. I decide to take the bus to school this morning. I get to the bus stop and see Louis waiting there. I don't really think about him talking to me since my mind is elsewhere. The whole way to school I'm picturing different scenarios of what could go wrong when I get my test score back today.

Once we are at school, I head straight to my locker, grab my books, and head to class. I thought about going to my friends but decide I want to be alone to worry for a while. Plus, I know the girls' will understand. They've seen this happen with me before.

~Louis's POV~

I get to my locker and all of the boys' are there. "Something is wrong with Amber." "What do you mean?" Harry asks. "When I saw her at the bus stop, she had a troubled look on her face. The whole ride here she stared out the window. Then she came straight to her locker and then went to class. Amber is not herself." "Wow, Lou. Who knew you cared so much." Liam says. "Well, it's no fun picking on her when she's not herself." I halfway lie. Truth is, I do care about Amber. A lot. However, I have to make sure the guys' think I'm only concerned about her with our game.

"Maybe you shouldn't mess with her today. Just let her have some space." Niall says. I think about it for a minute and then give a small nod. We spend a few more minutes talking before we head off to class.

~Amber's POV~

It's now lunchtime and I'm even more nervous now than I was before. I still can't eat anything. In just a little bit, I'll be getting my Spanish test back and finding out how I did. I hope I did well otherwise I can't play in the game this weekend. Or any game until I get my grade up.

The bell for the end of lunch rings. I grab my bag and quickly make my way to the classroom. A few minutes later, Niall comes in and takes his seat in front of me. "Amber, relax. I'm sure you did fine. We've studied for hours on end this past week." Niall tells me. "Sorry. It's just this test is so important to me." "I know. Just try and relax." I take a couple of deep breaths and feel a bit better. Once the bell rings, the teacher stands up in the front holding a stack of papers. "Class, I've got your tests graded and most of you did very well." Great, she didn't say all.

She starts passing out the tests. She comes over and hands Niall his test so I expect to get my next but she moves on to someone else. I look over Niall's shoulder to see that he got an A. I continue anxiously sitting in my desk until the teacher comes over and says, "Nice job Amber." as she places my test in front of me. I look down at the paper and see a B+. "Yes!" I say out loud and everyone turns to look at me. "Sorry." I say and everyone except Niall turns back around. He takes my test from me to look at my grade. He then gives it back and says, "Good job." The rest of the class time, I'm so happy. I can tell I have a huge smile on my face and nothing is going to ruin my mood now.

Once the bell rings, I stand up and give Niall a hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Niall laughs and then says, "No problem. Anything to help a friend out." We grab our bags and head to Drama. "Would you still help me study so I can keep my grade up." "Of course." We talk a little bit longer and then separate to our own group of friends once we make it to class.

The rest of the day, I'm in such a great mood. Even during soccer practice, I don't let anything Louis says or does ruin my mood. Once practice is over, I have a text from Liam and Niall telling me there is a change of plans and to meet them at Liam's house. When I get there, Liam opens the door and we head to the living room. I see Zayn and Niall sitting on the couch playing video games. "What's going on guys'?" I ask. "Well Niall told us about you freaking out about your Spanish test and the grade you got." Zayn says. "So we thought we would give you a break for today and invite you over to hang out with us." Liam finishes for Zayn. "That ok?" Niall asks. "Yeah." I say and join them on the couch.

At around six, Mrs. Payne came and got us for dinner. We ate supper and had a nice conversation. Once we have finished, Mrs. Payne comes out with a cake and sets it in front of me. I'm a bit confused until I look at the cake and see 'Congratulations Amber' written on it. "Congrats!" They all say. "You guys didn't have to do this." "We know but when I told my mom, she insisted on making you a cake." Liam says. "Thanks Mrs. Payne." "Don't mention it." She says. We eat the cake and then continue chatting for a bit longer. When Niall and Zayn leave, I decide that it's time for me to head home too. "Thanks for tonight Mrs. Payne." "You're welcome Sweetie." She says and hands me a container with the leftover cake. I say goodbye to Mrs. Payne and Liam and then make my way home.

Today has been a pretty great day.

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