Itsn't She Lovely?

19 year old Makayla Rice is your average teenage girl. Everyone thinks she is wierd, and only looks at her flaws. But by the end of the day she is too tired to care about that so she just dances away her pain, sarrow, and insecurities. But is there accutually someone who is willing to look past her flaws, and lookat her on the inside not out. Does she meet someone who loves with the heart, and not the eyes. MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!

No pressure or anyhing... o.o???


9. Chapter 5

Makaylas POV

It gets boring after sitting inthe hallway for ten minutes. I guess I will go to the cafetira to get a drink I guess. As I stop in front of the machine I see a blonde haired blue eyed angle. But, he is buying everything out of the snack machine. I laugh. "Oh hi!" he says laughing as well. "You hungry?" I aks. "Yeah you have4 no idea!" he says shoving a bunch of cheese poofs in his mouth. i laugh some more. 'What is your name?" he asked sweetly. "Makyle Rice!" I say proud. "I love rice!" he says laughing. "your funny!" I say laughing. I turn and head back for class but he yells after me. "My name is Niall by the way!" he states while shoving some chips in his mouth. I laugh again. He smiles showing me his food covered barces. I simle back showing him my braces. He laughs. Wow so many nice people. today. I walk back to math class to pick Louis up.

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