Itsn't She Lovely?

19 year old Makayla Rice is your average teenage girl. Everyone thinks she is wierd, and only looks at her flaws. But by the end of the day she is too tired to care about that so she just dances away her pain, sarrow, and insecurities. But is there accutually someone who is willing to look past her flaws, and lookat her on the inside not out. Does she meet someone who loves with the heart, and not the eyes. MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!

No pressure or anyhing... o.o???


7. Chapter 4

Makaylas POV

I decide to walk to math class with Louis. He is an awesome older brother. Even though it is the first time I have ever met him. I kind of got lost in the sea of people and ended up getting seperated from him. :( Oh well. Someone bumps into me really hard, and knocks all my books out of my hands. I am out of the sea of people because it is dyeing down. I see someone in the corner of my eye walking close, and closer to me. "Do you need help?" he asks in a sweet voice. "Yeah. It is typical though. I always have my books knocked out of my hands. Oh well what are you gonna do right?" I say rtying to laugh it off. "Well it's not okay. People should watch where they are going." he said very worried. What is up with people being worried about me? I loook up to see his chocolate brown eyes stareing down at me. They were beautiful. "Have ever been told you have beautiful eyes?" I aks very curiously. "Never why?" he says looking at me confused. "Well I think they are." I say scrabbleing after my books on the floor. The hallway was now empty. "Well maybe we can hang out some time!" he says laughing. "What is your name?" I aks. "Liam." he says while taking my hand in his. He walks me to class but, I couldn't go inside. Our teacher always locks the door for people who are late for class. So I sit in the hall.

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