Itsn't She Lovely?

19 year old Makayla Rice is your average teenage girl. Everyone thinks she is wierd, and only looks at her flaws. But by the end of the day she is too tired to care about that so she just dances away her pain, sarrow, and insecurities. But is there accutually someone who is willing to look past her flaws, and lookat her on the inside not out. Does she meet someone who loves with the heart, and not the eyes. MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!

No pressure or anyhing... o.o???


5. Chapter 3

Makayla's POV

I walk down the hallway, and back to my locker, and grab my binder, and note book, and my Nana's old pen that had her name written in it. I close my locker door to see a sharply dressed boy. "Well hello there. Are you a new girl?" he says trying to be a flirt. I slap his back as I walk to m class room whille yelling. "I HAVE BEEN HERE ALL ALONG BUT NO ONE CARES TO SEE ME UNLESS I DRESS LIKE THIS!!!" I am proud of myself no matter how I look. He runs up to me trying to catch up. "Why so glum love?" he asks concernd. Why is eveyone concernd for me today. "Well before my Nana died she told me I had an older brother, and I have been looking for him for 16 years but haven't found him." I said lookinjg at the floor. Wow my feet seem very interesting right now. "Well what is his name?" he asks also looking at his feet. "Louis. But, I don't know his last name." I say as I look at his eyes. "My name is Louis! Is your brothers last name Tomlinson?" he asked really happy. "Yeah that's it his last name is Tomlinson!" I say hope in my eyes. "That's me!" he said looking really happy. "Well where are mom, and dad?" I asked. I really hoped to see them. "Well dada died... but, mom is at home she will be picking me , and my friends up for lunch today! Do you want to come so you can see her?" he asks. "YES!!!" I say jumping up, and giving him a huge hug. "Wait if I am your sister isn't it gross that back there you flirted with me?" I ask starting to laugh. "Oh..yeah um sorry?" he says trying not to be awkward. "Well what class do you have next?" I ask. "Math." "Me too!" I say giving him another hug. We walk to our next class, and sit next to each other. "Cya after gym!" I yell down to hallway.

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