Itsn't She Lovely?

19 year old Makayla Rice is your average teenage girl. Everyone thinks she is wierd, and only looks at her flaws. But by the end of the day she is too tired to care about that so she just dances away her pain, sarrow, and insecurities. But is there accutually someone who is willing to look past her flaws, and lookat her on the inside not out. Does she meet someone who loves with the heart, and not the eyes. MUST READ TO FIND OUT!!!

No pressure or anyhing... o.o???


2. A/N

Hello my little book worms the next chapter will be out in a little bit kk. be paiteint.

Don't worry be happy. *gets up and does the wiggle forgeting your not there then notices after ten minutes and hide s behind couch*

See you alater my little bhumble bumble bee's

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