Angelic Bushido

A man with the powers of a demon joins forces with a host of angels to combat a devil from another dimension bent on ruling the world.


1. Sand

     Darkness is where I feel at home. Home. Now thats a place I've not seen in a century. The warmth of the sun and sweat brought on by a hard days work in the fields are distant memories. Now this dark alley seems a more common place to call "Home". The piles of trash along the walls carry the aroma of what passes for chinese food in this country. I'm on the hunt for a demon that appeared here 2 weeks ago. The host that it used as a doorway to this dimension was found not far from this alley so i'm guessing the demon has set up shop in the area. I can feel his hunger. This can only mean it knows about me as well. There is never any surprise on either side when I hunt them. The demon that once controlled me might be gone but his power and scent are mine now, a brand on my "soul". For a moment i'm distracted at the thought of a soul, distracted just long enough for it to catch me off guard. The demon has been close this whole time following me from the roof tops. Its weight comes crashing down on me like a ton of bricks driving me face first into the concrete. Lucky for me we are in the alley, away from any innocent eyes. I don't have to hold back. The demon is a minor one but its not alone. For the second time tonight i'm caught by surprise. They must have been hiding on top of each other to keep hidden. I let the fire inside me expand, surrounding me with its warmth. The one that was on me burns instantly. I role to my right and pick up the other two and their scent above me. Even though no one has come into the alley I still want to keep things quiet so i leap to the roof top and grab the closest demon. As I snap its neck the other lets loose with its attack in the form of a howl. Its sure to wake the neighbors and leave me with a headache as I fall back onto the edge of the roof in a daze. Its fast, faster then the others. No time is given me before it has me in its tail and is on me digging its nails into my chest. It bites my neck ripping out a chunk and swallowing it with a smile. My arms are bound and this one seems to match my strength so escape is not possible. I take control of my scenes and let the fire that burns inside me consume the demon.  The scream from the beast isn't as loud as the howl it hit me with but its enough to let anyone near by know that the first shout was not imagined. Well I've beaten them. The blood I'm loosing isn't stoping. Must mean i'm poisoned as well. I'll heal but it will take time. Not to mention I'm blacking out here on a roof out in the open. The darkness is coming again as I start to pass out, that feeling of home is growing and as i turn my head to look to my right I see a woman walking towards me dressed in white. She stops and says something. "Who are you"? I think she says. As she kneels down she reaches out to touch my neck and I feel an electrical shock hit me. She must have felt it too cause she jumps back. I smile as the darkness takes me and think to myself, Ive finally found you. My angel. 

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