Falling to pieces - one direction

your father just died.
Now you have no one left, so you decided to move to LA and that's were you met these 5 amazing boys.
You started to fall inlove with one of them, and it turned out to be the worst thing you've you've ever done.
do you still love him.
what happens when one of the guys basicly hates you.
Read an find out.


3. chapter 3.

Mariams POV

"I'm Niall , and I love food" I giggled a bit, he was so sweet , and his blue sparkling eyes, they were to die for! He shook my hand and didn't let go.

It felt a bit awkward but he didn't seem to care so much. I pulled my hand of and i could see how he blushed. "Do you.. want to come inside?" i said while stepping aside so he could enter, wich he did.

"so were is Joanna?" he asked still blushing. so cute!

"uhm she's upstairs , why?" I asked curisly , " Harry wants to invite her to our party tomorrow." He looked att the stairs akwardly. while i was still staring at the perfect niall.

"JOANNA!!" i shouted making Niall jump a bit in his place. I laughed at him and he joined me.

"WHAT IS THERE A FIR... niall?" 


what the fuck was niall doing here, dont tell me it has something to do with the meeting i had with harry earlier today."Harry wants you to come to the party were having tomorrow." I guess it did. I putted on a fake smile and looked at Mar, she understud I could see it in her eyes.

He came closer to me and gave me a note with harrys number on it. "just think about it and text him" I smiled and Walked upstairs, leaving both of them all alone


She left us all alone sitting on the couch, I started talking about the wheater and how MY days been. She looked at me wierdly "What?" She smiled a bit first then bursted out laughing. "really?.. the weather? how your days been, what the heck are you talking about" I laughed with her and we staarted to calm down I stared into her beautiful brown eyes, "Mariam, I know that you dont knoe me and I might be a stranger but , do you want to go out with me tomorrow, instead of that supid party" Her face turned from a big smile on to a emotionless face. I stood up and so did she. 


He stood up and I joined him. I was about to say something when he gave me a note , "meet me there if you want to, i'll be waiting" He turned around and walked to the door. i heard it shut.

I was standing there with all the thoughts in my hand. 

I dont want to be in a realationship.

Or does he only want to be my friend.

Every good thing I have in life gets hurt because of me .

Like my mom and dad did.

I can't hurt him.


I reeeeeeaaaaaaally hope you guys like it , i've never wrote anything like this.. xxx

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