Falling to pieces - one direction

your father just died.
Now you have no one left, so you decided to move to LA and that's were you met these 5 amazing boys.
You started to fall inlove with one of them, and it turned out to be the worst thing you've you've ever done.
do you still love him.
what happens when one of the guys basicly hates you.
Read an find out.


2. chapter 2.

Harrys POV.

I haven't seen Joanna in a year now. she looked stunning, and the way she hugged me back.. I felt loved. But I cheated on her with Taylor, wich acctully made sense before. Now i'm not really sure if Taylor acctuly loves me, or if she just wants my 'Famous'

When Taylor and I got home, I ran into the living room to tell the boys ''HARRY!!'' I heard Taylor yell from behind , but i didn't care. '' I met Taylor.'' I said when i opened the door, '' and she hugged me back.''

''Harry calm down, you didn't have feelings for her that's why you cheated on her, why do you care so much now?'' Zayn said taking up his phone and checking his hair in the front camera. ''I dont know, i need to talk to her, does anyone here now where she live?'' ''I do'' i heard an Irish accent from behind. I turned around to see Niall chewing on a chicken leg.

''Go! go tell her we have a party or something tomorrow" "why me?!" he said an spitted a bit of his chicken. "Just do it." I said an threw him the car key and pushed him out, in only his sweatpants and a hoodie.

Nialls POV.

why do i always have to take care of the girls here.. i'm not exactly the guy that get the girls all the time. Oh now i see. They do it so the girls wont fall inlove with, duh.. 

ok i am pretty insecure , everyone are insecure sometimes right.. 

When i arrived at her house I gently knocked on the door.. No answer, so i rang the doorbell. The door opened and a darkbrown haired girl with blonde highlights on her hair opened the door. "Your not Taylor" I said pecking her cheek with my finger like i was checking if she was real.

She laughed a bit. it was quite cute. and then took out her hand. "I'm Mariam, but everyone calls me Mar, I just moved in here to Joannas place, and who are you?" I gladly took her hand and shook it "I'm Niall Horan , and i love food." I said hoping i would hear her wonderful laugh again, wich i did.

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, I didn't let go of her hand , I didnt want to let go of her hand.


sorry for the Short chapter i promise i'll update as soon as posible xxx.

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