Falling to pieces - one direction

your father just died.
Now you have no one left, so you decided to move to LA and that's were you met these 5 amazing boys.
You started to fall inlove with one of them, and it turned out to be the worst thing you've you've ever done.
do you still love him.
what happens when one of the guys basicly hates you.
Read an find out.


1. chapter 1.

Mariam's POV

"Dad" I smiled while the tears fell down my cheeks I smiled at how peacefull he looked lying on the ground. All alone, on his way to mom. "i love you" I whisperd before calling 911.

After the funeral I went back home and packed the stuff that was left to take with me to LA. Im going to miss this place. This place was special. I've lived here my hole life. I heard the Taxi outside and prepared myself for one last goodbye.

It was raining outside and the airport said they had to close , so I went outside and waited for Joanna to come get me. Oh and btw (by the way) I'm staying at Joannas flat. She was my besst friend (more like sisters) when we lived in London. But she moved to LA to be with her boyfriend Harry Styles. I think he was some kind of famous guy in a band.

But anyway , she broke with him cause she caught him cheating with Taylor. "What the heck are you doing outside in the rain" i heard her dark beautiful voice. "Oh you know , i thought i might take a shower before i entered your ugly car" I said and pointed at her skoda octavia, it was acctuly a pretty awesome car, it was white and, well, awesome.

When we arrived and she showed me my room, i decided to take a shower.

When i came out i saw a note on my new bedrooms door. 'i'll be out buying some milk, I.NEED.PANCAKES." i smiled at the note and went inside the room to gett dressed. In my P'Js.

Joannas POV.

I wrote the note and went outside. it wasen't raining anymore and the supermarket was pretty close to where i lived. so i decided to not take the car. when i arrived to store i couldn't stop thinking about that i was going to live the rest of my life with my best friend!  No boys just us two. Mar and I. I was so in to my thoughts that I forgot to think about were i was walking. And i walked right in at the fridge. I hit my head and fell to the floor. "are you OK?" i heard a husky voice. but i couldn't quite see him cause my head was banging from the inside. He offerd his hand and i took it. "Joanna?" I looked up at him and saw who it was.

It was Harry. THE Harry styles. The guy that broke my heart for some bitch called taylor. He pulled me into his strong arms in a hug and i hugged him back. i got to edmit , i missed him. But i surtenly hated him. But i dont wan't to show him that.

"wow, how've you been , you look gorgeus, i've missed you." He seemed Happy when he saw me. That's good right? "yeah i'm fine , thank you btw so do you." he smiled with no reply, right when he was about to say something he got interuppted "Harry lets go to the paparaziz and take some pho.. who's this?" she said and pointed at me.

"urm this is Joanna she's.. an old friend." i smiled at her and nooded. "okey, you can leave now" she said and pulled harry closer to her, "yeah i guess i should" "wait dont.." taylor shut his mouth with a huge kiss, i could see how harry tried to oull away but he couldent so he gave up.

And i left them , Harry Styles and Taylor.


so you guys i just started this fanfiction and i'd love to know what you think about it , and what you think should happend and stuff, this story is mostly about Mariam and one of the other boys but some drama ig going to happend between harry taylor and joanna. thanx for reading!! xx




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