the story of us

this story is about a girl called cinthya, she meets some guys, but after some years they forget about her


2. OMG


all I could think about was rthbsidrtjvsrnjghsdbrui. I just couldn't believe he was in front of me. then he saud

He: by the way, I'm Conor nice to meet you.

Me: I'm Cinthya nice to meet you 2

he: wanna go out for a walk?

me: no

he: why not? i thought u were excited.

me: cause i wanna buy this cd's first.

he: well lets go.

after we bought the cds we were just walking round the city, talking, laughing & just hanging around. He was on some kind of vacation. He was staying here for 3 weeks so all those 3 weeks we will just hang around, practicalle we were best friend. yes i know we only met.

when we didn't know what to do we will just go to his hotel room and sing, well i was the one who played the guitar, he was the one who sing. i sang just a little bit because my voice is horrible, he was the one with the beautiful voice.

but after all the fun we had together, the day he had to leave arrived, i said goodbye to him & he promised, he would come back soon

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