the story of us

this story is about a girl called cinthya, she meets some guys, but after some years they forget about her


1. the beggining

Hello, my name is cinthya. I´m a Directioner, Mayniac & swiftie.

well as you may know taylor swift has just released a new album, so I decided to go to a music store & buy it.That´s where all started.

I was searching for taylo's album "RED" and I founded it, I was looking at the song titles and I saw a guy holding Conor Maynard album "contrast".I didn´t know it was already in Mexico. I thought to myself that maybe it wasn´t conor´s album so I decided to ask the guy.

Me: Is that Conor´s Album?

He: Yes! you like him?

Me: Like him? of course not.    I love him.

He: well guess what

Me: What?

He: He's my friend

Me: WHAT, you're kidding, aren't you?

He: No I´m not, he's standing right now in front of you

Me: you´re the one who's standing in front of me.

He: yes it's me

he took the glasses off & guess what?

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