This collection of poems are about failing and the way I felt when I failed something. Writing these poems have helped me to deal with my feelings about failure and how I can overcome the disappointment I've felt.


5. See what you've done?

Thanks a lot.

See what you've done?

Destroyed my life,

in the shortest amount of time.


Do you know how that feels?

To have lost all that,

in the space of a few weeks,

after the years of work.


Thanks to you,

that's all gone to waste.

I bet you're pleased,

aren't you?


privately rubbing salt in my wounds,

making my pain worse.

 And it does hurt.

But as long as you got what you wanted,

that's all that mattered.


Now I know,

just what you think.

It's time I have up,

on the dream I hold close.


Why did you have to do this to me?

You don't know what I'd been through,

to get that far.

All of that.



But you don't care do you?

It's what you wanted the whole time.

Thanks to what you did,

I've lost what feels like my whole life.

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