Frenemies forever: Twins Of Popularity


5. 5

i called my best frenemies to have a meeting at the same laboratory i went when i had a pep-talk with Kate. "She has now SIX friends and we're only  five!!!" Ebony complained. "OH, that's not hard." i said laughing at their complaints. "You can talk to other people too! besides, tomorrow, i think we can dress up with my Guess shoes, tops, bottoms and french manicure at my house. come with me when i go home. this is the only chance. it's now or never!!!!!" i cried. the bell rang and we flew out of the laboratory. everyone except me saw Kate spying on us on a birch tree when mom came to pick us up. i saw her brownish hair flip. she stopped at her action and looked at me in a evil grin. i said nothing but i flipped my blonde hair and laughed like the wicked witch of west. "MUAHAHAHA!!!" i laughed. finally, we arrived home. the five of us dashed to my room like maniacs on a stupid marathon trying to reach the trophy on my room. i opened my closet with my pink key, (I will never let a robber steal my precious treasures) and the four of them gasped. "Your wide and big wardrobe seemed to increase!!!" they squealed. i called the Mega Mani/Pedi Polish to get our nails shine. and our french, shiny manicures and pedicures were just fantastic!! i got my Forever 21, Guess, Dolce and Gabbana, Levis, Giordano, So! fab! clothes out of my room and we tried them all on. for the accesories, i took out my ACCESORIZE accesories out of my treasure chest. 

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