Frenemies forever: Twins Of Popularity


4. 4

I was in bed all day dying in peace. I can't believe i actually asked dad to bury me in the backyard! i was such a psycho today! i kept spilling my lemonade juice and my sausage in my dress. Too bad it was from Forever 21. I just locked my bedroom and waited until my tears come out. but one hour ago, nothing happened. i remembered that my report card was coming soon. Instead, my mom tucked me to bed like what she does when i was 1-9. i set my alarm clock and waited. Until the next morning, i was thinking about Kate and her phony little friends. i went out of bed and threw my alarm clock on my closet. i was sad, angry, humiliated and worried. I ran to my bathroom and closed the door. i when i was in my bathtub, i stared at the ceiling. then the door. i changed to my clothes, grabbed my lunch box and went to dad's car. "You look pale today, honey, what's the matter?" Mom asked me. "Well.......i was just thinking about report today......i mean my report's nothing really." I said. But the truth is, i put on too much powder! NOTICE IT FIRST, MOM!!!! when we reached the school, my mom said goodbye and they drove away. thank goodness they didn't talked about the i-want-to-be-buried-in-the-backyard thing. i went to my locker and a note fell out. it was from KATE!! she wantedto see me in the school laboratory to have a special meeting. i ran to the laboratory and saw them waiting. Kate gave me her evil smiles and said, "Long time no see, i wonder if you want to see our new friend." i saw a girl in black hair and violet streaks. REBBECCA?????!!!!!! i gasped and almost fainted. those 5 little spiders are so evil like they are going to rule the whole world. NOOOOOO!!! this can't be happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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