Frenemies forever: Twins Of Popularity


3. 3

we went to school super early so we can see what time she wakes up and tell the whole world about it. it will be the greatest video ever! famous than that Gangnam-Style music video. his dance moves were like DISGUSTING!! but in a funny way. he was also silly. we pretended that we weren't looking at Kate. and she was like, "are you really going to add a layer of lip-gloss that thick? that's one million times thicker than my Globe Secrets book!!" but thinking of those thoughts make me think that she really said that. Anne was listing her moves, styles and secrets. i was rubbing my hands in satisfaction. i talked to her. "Well? that lip-gloss seemed kinda boring.....why don't you use crayons instead?!" she said. OMG!! i can't believe she was saying those face melting words. i mean where did she got that sentence? in the FASHION DICTIONARY? DUHH! just then i thought a sentence that would burn her brain. and the thing that no-one ever-so-no-one ever copied!! "YUCK! Kate! O-M-HATE! i love those shoes! where did you get them?! in the store of PHONY shoes? HAHAHA!! and are those things on your hair dandfruffs? yuck!! talk about no fashion sense!!" i said in a voice like Stella's in the winx club. she fell for it. we screamed until the our vice principal seperated us both. good thing Anne listed all of her things! when we were seperated, Anne told us that since Kate was shrieking, she pulled out piece of her hair. she tested Kate's hair with lots of books. finally, she was able to tell us.  she said the most ear-piercing word ever! it went like this.."guys, the thing i noticed from Kate and Bea is that they have the same: style, confidence and intelligence. we can't know who is better. YOU BOTH ARE THE SAME." i almost peed in my skirt. it's not fair! she can't steal JACKSON!

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