Frenemies forever: Twins Of Popularity


2. 2

Kate looked very jealous of my outfit. hers was a fake headband, a plastic bracelet, and it was clear that she just got her Dolce and Gabbana from the downtown. i whipped up my pear-shaped cell-phone. i texted every-one that Kate just got her clothes from the downtown. the people saw it. and they believed it since the glitter and beauty spice was drowning. by now, she was called a not-so-popular loser of the school. and the spider who sticks on the school window is even more popular!! i saw Cherie Valentine. she was very popular. but not like me. Cherie is also a friend of that itchy, irratating bug loser, Rebecca. Rebecca is nice to other people (careful, it's a trick! it's only fake friendship!!). but people like me, she takes away her madness and meanness to me. since i did that trick on the runway, she was ultra-mad at me. and now she was flirting with Andre, Ebony's boyfriend. by now, i knew what she has in mind. she's trying to be flirty all over and steal our guys!! how dare that itchy, dandruff girl steal things that aren't hers!! i whipped up my cell-phone. i called the four of them. they almost broke the loudest shriek in the intire universe!! "How dare that dandruff girl do that?!" Ebony said. "and she's the most dirty person i have ever met! her dandruffs are seen clearly!!" they all said. "you, know, people always said that her family always have vacation from Italy, France and they all have vidoes and they all have big hits! she has to be called a liar! she deserves to be called like that." Courtney said. i said goodbye. this time is the spying time. if she destroys our lives, so she is going to be very, ultra, not-so-very-many-thousands-diva destroyed!!! and her ultimate Diva styles are gonna be loose! SO LONG SISTER!!!!

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