Frenemies forever: Twins Of Popularity


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after the party last month, i decided i should stop Jackson hanging out. mom was excited. but i told her it would take long. i walked to my locker. my four Frenemies, Anna, Ebony, Courtney, Candy had guy-friends. i was applying my lip-gloss when someone was opening her locker beside me and did the same thing as i do, i looked at my lip-gloss. then i stared at her. doing the same stuff like mine is not PROPER!! a pack of jocks came running and taking photos and kissing her hand. i was like a leftover for lunch. i shrieked at them and they went back to the game. Jackson came to me to say hello. those mean, itchy and irritating guys made dirt to my hair! i stomped my foot. "those shoes are probably broken by now if you keep on doing those noisy drumming foot actions." she said. steam poured out of my ears. Jackson waited for us to calm down. "good thing she left. she's a new student." Jackson said. "new?! there'so-one who could ever defeat my best beauty record like that if she was new!!" i cried. Jackson laughed. he looked like a student from  kindergarten. "and why would no-one understand me?!" i shrieked in his ear. i ran to the restroom. good thing i bought extra clothes. besides, if she was jelous of my expensive outfit, i'll try another very expensive outfit!! plus, i design my own clothes. and my clothes, outfit and popularity never came to an end!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!! i applied another lip-gloss. and since that was Rockstar-Moon, i'll try what the look on her face when she smells and sees that i have 50 victorian secret lip-gloss and Crazy Alphabets make-ups!! and she was only using Moonlight Macaroon, a very,very dirt cheap lip-gloss. i'll see that face of that Kate Emerald!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! *COUGH*

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