Why did you leave?

About Lynn:
My name is Linnea, you can call me Lynn. I'm just your average 17 year old girl. What's different about me is so much has changed sine my best friend Zayn has gotten famous. He doesn't even remember me, that fact kills me inside.
About the story:
Lynn has been Zayns BFF since she was 4, but once zayn auditioned for X factor he didn't even bother to say thank you to Lynn who had helped him get to that point. One day when Lynn is just casually walking around, she finds him. But will she forgive him after all he has made her been through?


6. Tell me about it.

Zayns POV:

We were driving home in an awkward silence, I could hear the sound of her blocked nose, kinda gross? No, I actually liked it. I glanced at her every now and then, every time I looked there'd be a new set of tears rolling down her face. How could I hurt somebody this bad? I have to make it up to her, but how? Questions were flashing through my mind.

"What time is it?" She asked wiping her tears

"4:00pm, we're almost there." I replied 

We got home in about 10 minutes, none of us spoke a word. Awkward.

Lynns POV:

We got to his house, which was without doubt the most beautiful one I had ever seen. He opened the car door for me, which I didn't want him to but I was busy staring at this "House" of his.
It was black and white from the outside, and half of it was glass. The path to the door was black Matte stone, which gave it an amazing look. Well, why am I talking about this.

"Hey mom." Zayn shouted.

His mother came running, and gave him a hug. She had brown hair, and brown eyes, and the most beautiful smile.

I could feel myself going behind Zayn, I was afraid.

"Mom, umm. This is, Lynn, remember?" He said, for some reason he wasn't sure.

"Well of course I do! Where had you been? I thought you forgot about us!" She said

"I wasn't the one that forgot.." I whispered, pretty sure Zayn heard me.


"Nothing, I mean I've been good. I've just been busy with my high school, and we've barely met since zayns been on tour." I lied

"Well I've got to go do grocery, you two behave yourselves." She said while approaching the door.

Zayn gestured me to go upstairs with him, all that I could have done was follow since, I didn't know anything else about this house.

I followed him into a big room, the opposite walls were black, and the other two were peach. The bed matched perfectly with the walls.

"Lynn, listen. I've been a jerk." He said

"Tell me about it."

"Yeah yeah, I know, it probably hurt you way more than me."

As if it barely hurt him.

"But, can we just, start over, as in maybe go out to get dinner or, you know do something we could enjoy."

"I'm sorry, but I just really don't feel like going anywhere."

"Really?" a smile rose on his face, "even if I do this?"

He started tickling me, as hard as I tried to keep my mouth shut, I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing.

"Uh- Fine, fine, just sto-" I couldn't catch my breathe while laughing, thank god he stopped.

"Fine then, be ready in 30 minutes, we're leaving then."

"Wow your stubborn." I couldn't help but smile while saying that.

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