Why did you leave?

About Lynn:
My name is Linnea, you can call me Lynn. I'm just your average 17 year old girl. What's different about me is so much has changed sine my best friend Zayn has gotten famous. He doesn't even remember me, that fact kills me inside.
About the story:
Lynn has been Zayns BFF since she was 4, but once zayn auditioned for X factor he didn't even bother to say thank you to Lynn who had helped him get to that point. One day when Lynn is just casually walking around, she finds him. But will she forgive him after all he has made her been through?


5. Hesitation.

Zayns POV (Carrying On)

"Haha, great! You don't even know how to pronounce my name now do you?"
"I'm really sorry, that slipped out of my mouth, Lynn I don't know how I forgot you, really, it's not even possible that I could forget you after you did so much for me."
"You left me right after the audition, and that really hurt me, I thought you felt like a big sensation suddenly and it hurt, really."
I couldn't believe that I could be such an idiot for once. 
I could see tears rolling down her face, each one fell down faster.
I picked her chin up with my hand and wiped her tears, but she quickly pushed my hands away.
"I don't need you, Zayn, just go and do what you're best at, just forget me again."
I don't know why I was mad at those words, because I knew it was really reasonable for her to be pissed at me.
"Lynn, from what I see I personally think that you do need me." I said.
I saw a smirk on her face, ah finally she smiled.
"Zayn look, I know I helped you get famous but just forget it now like you did, because I feel worthless already and I don't want your help, because I'll feel like I'm using you." she replied.
"Why? Seriously? You helped me become who I am today, and personally I would die with guilt if I don't help you get through this, pack your, whatever this is up and let's go."
She was still hesitating.

{I've decided to update this, because first of all at least some people like it and second I want to see if it's good or not still, and sorry for the short chapters, that's a habit of mine c: } 

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