Why did you leave?

About Lynn:
My name is Linnea, you can call me Lynn. I'm just your average 17 year old girl. What's different about me is so much has changed sine my best friend Zayn has gotten famous. He doesn't even remember me, that fact kills me inside.
About the story:
Lynn has been Zayns BFF since she was 4, but once zayn auditioned for X factor he didn't even bother to say thank you to Lynn who had helped him get to that point. One day when Lynn is just casually walking around, she finds him. But will she forgive him after all he has made her been through?


3. Do You Remember?

Lynn's POV ( about 5 mins before zayn walked in )

I was so sad, I always cried at least once a week about this, does he even remember me? Does he ever think about me? Does he talk about me? Because I do, and if he doesn't, I can never forgive him, i love him but I don't know why I still do. If I ever see him again I will tell him that, I was the one who always supported him but all he did was use me, he left me all alone after all I did for him. But I was still crying about him, why?

Zayns POV ( continuing from when he walked in )

I sat down next to her, she didn't know I was there, put my hand on her back and before I could say anything she said "Mom?" I realized she said it with anger, I quickly said "No, but what's wrong?"
"Who are you?"
"You tell me!"
"I had a fight with my mom," she said "I was so angry that I left her and I am actually proud I did," I couldn't believe it, why would she hate her so much "she treated me like trash ever since I was born, maybe because I was un-planned and I was the reason my dad died." I couldn't believe her words, " How could you be the reason he died?"
"My dad died in a car accident on the way to my school, ever since then my mom hates me, she doesn't care if I live or not"
"How is that your fault?"
"It's not...."
She turned around to look at me, and when she did there was a surprised look on her face, it looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. She then shouted my name, I figured she must be a fan and I have her a hug, but she pushed me back.
"Why would you come back after all you did to me?"
Wait, who could this be,
"Wait, what? I don't even know you"
"I can't believe you could be this selfish"
"WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" I said in a rude manor.
"You really don't remember about me do you? Remember when you were little, you used to have a friend, she was the only one you had, she supported you when nobody else did, you promised her you would love her as a sister forever, you told me you wanted to sing, and when you did making you sing was my ultimate goal. I paid for your ticket on the x-factor, and I was the only reason you got in.."
I couldn't believe it, how could I forget about somebody like that, I figured she was probably lying, so I shout out the words LIAR and walked out. As I was walking out memories flashed before my mind, could she be telling the truth, I remembered, it was, it was the face that always appeared in my dreams, it was the person that I always saw but never knew who it was, I ran back, I picked he up and gave her a hug.
"I'm sorry, Lynne, I don't know how this happened, you should be admired for what you did, I am really sorry!"
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