Why did you leave?

About Lynn:
My name is Linnea, you can call me Lynn. I'm just your average 17 year old girl. What's different about me is so much has changed sine my best friend Zayn has gotten famous. He doesn't even remember me, that fact kills me inside.
About the story:
Lynn has been Zayns BFF since she was 4, but once zayn auditioned for X factor he didn't even bother to say thank you to Lynn who had helped him get to that point. One day when Lynn is just casually walking around, she finds him. But will she forgive him after all he has made her been through?


1. The fight

Lynn's POV

I snuck into the house, hoping nobody noticed my absence, I started walking towards my room. As I opened the door I heard a loud shout "LYNN! WHERE WERE YOU? HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE TIME?" My mom said. I was shivering, I said "I'm sorry! I went to Ay's house to finish some schoolwork, and you wouldn't let me go!"
"Yeah I did!" I felt my voice rising, but I couldn't stop "I asked you yesterday and you hit me! That's when I realized there's no use asking you!"
"Don't you talk to your mother like that! You are my child!"
"Well then why don't you treat me like one!?!"
There was a moment of silence and then I had realized what I had said, I wish I had a better mom sometimes, she really pisses me off.
"You are grounded for a month!" I heard her say, I tried not to reply, but I couldn't stop my self from shouting
"WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, I CAN'T BE GROUNDED IF I DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!" I said those words in such anger, not realizing my actions I ran to my room, grabbed a huge bag and packed my stuff, I packed some clothes, money, food and then I walked to the door. I turned back realizing I forgot one thing, I ran back and opened my side cupboard and grabbed a picture, of me and an old friend. I wiped my last tear and set off.
My mom tried to stop me, she shouted but that's what she always did. I got out and shut the door loud, I ran to a park near buy and set camp. It was almost 2:00am and I was tired, I took out that picture of me and him and said goodnight. I fell asleep instantly, but I was not proud of my decision.
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